Academic Team

Our academic staff are international experts in their field. Many have had successful careers in industry, are research active and have a wealth of international experience. All are committed to giving students the best possible learning experience.


Bruce Howell
Bruce Howell | Head of Foundation, Study and Language Institute (FSLI); Associate Professor, with special interest in Language Assessment.

Bruce Howell graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1990 and after some travel experience soon changed career to English teaching, although in recent years has been able to use his scientific background in developing and teaching ‘English for Science’ modules..  Read More...

Esther Chang
Esther Chang | Foundation Programmes Lead; Foundation Lecturer in Economics

Esther Chang has eight years of lecturing experience in finance and economics-related modules at both pre-university and undergraduate levels. Read More...

Lina Ying Ying Tang
Lina Ying Ying Tang | Foundation Senior Academic Tutor; Foundation Lecturer in Biology

Lina Ying Ying Tang has been teaching Pre-University programmes such as Cambridge A-Levels, and Foundation Year Programmes for more than five years. She is passionate about working with young people from diverse backgrounds and likes to experiment with a variety of teaching methods. Read More...

Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah
Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah | Pre-sessional English (PSE) Programme Lead / Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah began his career teaching academic English, research writing, human communication and English immersion programmes to local and international students before joining UoRM as a Foundation Lecturer. He has trained students in numerous IELTS, TOEFL and MUET preparatory courses and has been involved in several courses and training programmes on student-centred learning and e-learning. Read More...

Fock Jan Heng
Fock Jan Heng | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics (Science)

Fock Jan Heng graduated from the University of Malaya in 1977. He started his teaching career in a government secondary school and was promoted to Deputy District Education Officer in 1988, managing and administrating all of the secondary and primary schools in Kulai, Johor. Read More...

Lim Tian Hwee
Lim Tian Hwee | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics (Business)

Lim Tian Hwee has been teaching Pre-U programmes (i.e. A Levels, AUSMAT, MUFY, STPM etc.) for more than five years and is a longstanding member of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Read More...

Cecilia Periera
Cecilia Periera | Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Cecilia Periera began her career as a secondary teacher with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and subsequently went on to work as a Tutor at Universiti Sains Malaysia, teaching Linguistics and English as a Second Language. Read More...

Dr Kuan Yong Ching
Dr Kuan Yong Ching | Foundation Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Kuan Yong Ching holds a BSc in Industrial Chemistry and an MSc in Chemistry from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She obtained a PhD in Engineering Sciences from the University of Southampton, UK, in 2014 and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Read More...

Siti Nur Shahida
Siti Nur Shahida | Foundation Lecturer in Business and Management

Siti Nur Shahida has more than 10 years of experience in academia and three years in the corporate sector. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Universiti Teknologi MARA and an MBA specialising in International Business from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Read More...

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi
Mohammad Izzat Morshidi | Foundation Lecturer in Psychology

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi is fascinated by the behaviours of people and the reasons behind every act and event, especially in Malaysia. As well as his teaching modules, he has a keen interest in politics, philosophy, digital arts and story writing. Read More...

Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah
Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah | Foundation Lecturer in Economics

Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah has been teaching undergraduates since 2008 and actively engaged in research and publications since 2011. Her teaching experience covers both private and public institutions in Malaysia, such as Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Swinburne University of Technology, Southern University College and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, with her students coming from a variety of backgrounds. Read More...

Nurul Akmar Binti Asmi
Nurul Akmar Binti Asmi | Foundation Lecturer in Business and Management

Nurul has been teaching since 2009. Prior to joining UoRM, she had posts at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, teaching a variety of Business Management subjects, including principles of management, marketing management, organisational behaviour, business information systems and human resource management. Read More...

Nurashikin Binti Abd Malik
Nurashikin Binti Abd Malik | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics

Nurashikin began her career as a Mathematics Lecturer in 2013 teaching mathematics to local international institutions. She has taught a variety of mathematics subjects to both foundation and undergraduate students. Read More...

Mohamed Hasif Jazila Sakri
Mohamed Hasif Jazila Sakri| Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Hasif started teaching Academic English in 2014 and has garnered experience in teaching at both public and private local universities. Read More...

Noorul Amilin Nordin
Noorul Amilin Nordin | Foundation Lecturer in EAP

Amilin is a literature graduate who has a strong passion in teaching. Over the past two years, she has developed a tenacious interest in teaching, and has since been pursuing her passion as a lecturer. Read More...

Nabilah Abdul Ghani
Nabilah Abdul Ghani | Foundation Tutor in Business and Economics

Nabilah Abdul Ghani is an Economics graduate from the National University of Malaysia and has been teaching in higher education since 2015. Nabilah’s general focus throughout her three years of teaching experience in several private institutions, has been to promote student engagement in the learning process, execute higher order thinking skills and respect students’ opinions regardless of their background.Read More...

Hajar Binti Abdul Karim
Hajar Binti Abdul Karim | Foundation Tutor

Hajar is a mathematics lecturer with more than five years of teaching experience in the higher education industry, teaching mathematics and statistics related subjects and modules. Hajar began her teaching career as a lecturer in a public university, and has since been teaching applied maths to undergraduate students majoring in agriculture, banking, accountancy and science. Hajar taught Pre-University programmes (Edexcel A-Level, ADFP/ACTP, AUSMAT or SACE) at a private institution before joining the University of Reading Malaysia. Read More...

Kai An Sim
Kai An Sim | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics

Kai An Sim joined the University of Reading Malaysia in 2018 as a Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics. She received her Bachelor of Science Education (Hons) in Mathematics (2009) and a Master’s degree in Science (Pure Mathematics), (2014) from the University of Malaya. She taught in government secondary schools for more than five years prior to joining UoRM. Read More...


Professor Teck Yong Eng
Professor Teck Yong Eng | Professor of Business Enterprise & Analytics, Head of Henley Business School Malaysia

Prior to joining HBS Malaysia, Prof. Eng was head of the department of digital and data-driven marketing at the University of Southampton, Southampton Business School UK. He had worked in the UK for almost 27 years, and had been chair of marketing and head of department for almost 10 years at three different business schools in the UK. Read More...

Mohd Talhar Abdul Rahman
Mohd Talhar Abdul Rahman | Visiting Fellow, Chairman of CBRE | WTW

Talhar’s professional career started while he was a Trainee Estates Officer with the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Development Corporation in England. Talhar began his public sector career when he joined the Johor State Civil Service in the Local Government and Housing Development. In 1967, he joined the Valuation Department of the Ministry of Finance as Regional Valuation Officer based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Read More...

Ting Kien Hwa
Prof Ting Kien Hwa | Visiting Professor In Real Estate Investment

Prof. Ting is currently the Vice President of the Malaysian Institute of Professional Property Managers (MMIPPM), Academic Member of Asia Public Real Estate Association (APREA), RICS Malaysia Board member (2012-2018), a Council member of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (2011-2016) and a member of the NAPREC Expert Panel (INSPEN). Read More...

Dr Abdolhossein Zameni
Dr Abdolhossein (Pejman) Zameni | Lecturer in Finance

Dr Zameni obtained a BSc in Industrial Engineering at Mazandaran University of Science and Technology in Iran. In 2006, in order to pursue his education in an international environment, he moved to Malaysia and obtained his MBA in Finance at Multimedia University. In 2014, he was awarded a PhD in Finance by the National University of Malaysia (UKM). Read More...

Dr Evelita Estela Celis
Dr Evelita Estela Celis | Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

Evelita is the Programme Lead for BSc Accounting and Finance at Henley Business School Malaysia. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). Read More...

Jerome Jayamana
Don Jerome Pryantha Jayamana | Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Jerome is a Chartered Company Secretary by profession, having concluded his ICSA in 2000. He has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, having worked for both HSBC Bank and Alliance Bank. He was the Regional Head of Branch Services and Operations of Alliance Bank, Southern Regional Office, and was involved in banking operations, branch risk management and human resource management, before moving to take up a full-time lecturing and managerial position at Citypro Institute, Johor Bahru. Read More...

Dr Janice Lee Yim Mei
Dr Janice Lee Yim Mei | Associate Professor in Real Estate Management

Janice is the Programme Lead for BSc Real Estate. She has almost 15 years’ teaching experience in tertiary real estate education and managing real estate programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is an alumna of University of Reading and University of Western Australia. Read More...

Dr Ji Hei Lee
Dr Ji Hei Lee | Lecturer in Real Estate Planning

Before joining UoRM in 2015, Dr Lee taught planning courses at Texas A&M University, including Building Better Cities, The Evolving City and Structure and Function of Urban Settlements. Read More...

Dr Jireh Seow
Dr Jireh Seow | Lecturer in Business and Management

Dr Jireh Seow began teaching in a UK tertiary institution in 2007 as a postgraduate student at Aberdeen Business School and since then has continued his passion developing students in business fields. He has been using various pedagogical, industry-relevant and practical methods to facilitate the learning of students in finance, entrepreneurship and business management. Read More...

Kee Liang Chin
Kee Liang Chin | Lecturer in Real Estate

Kee Liang Chin completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at University of Reading, post graduate diplomas in Marketing and Project Management from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) UK respectively. Read More...

Dr Mohd-Pisal Zainal
Dr Mohd-Pisal Zainal | Associate Professor in Finance

Dr Mohd‐Pisal Zainal is an Associate Professor of Finance at Henley Business School – Malaysia, University of Reading Malaysia. Prior to joining Henley Business School – Malaysia, he was the Director of the Centre for Research and Publication at INCEIF. Read More...

Dr Nafis
Dr Nafis Alam | Associate Professor in Finance

Dr Nafis Alam’s research is focussed on banking regulation, financial stability and corporate finance. His scholarly articles have been published in leading journals like The World Economy, Emerging Markets Review, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Banking Regulation, Review of Islamic Economics and Journal of Financial Services Marketing among others. He has also co-authored three books in Islamic Finance among them is Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance which is first of its kind and has sold over 1000 copies worldwide. Read More...

Dr Patrick Lecomte
Dr Patrick Lecomte | Associate Professor in Real Estate Finance

Patrick specialises in real estate finance. Prior to joining Henley Business School at the University of Reading Malaysia, Patrick worked for ESSEC Business School in Singapore for 8 years, first as executive director executive in charge of the school’s top ranked Masters in Finance, and then as deputy director for Research Centres of Excellence. Read More...

Dr Shelen Ho
Dr Shelen Ho | Associate Professor in International Business and Strategy

Dr Ho has a decade of lecturing experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She was previously with Manchester Business School (UK), Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), University of Stirling (UK) and University of Hertfordshire (UK). Highly experienced as a facilitator of MBA learning and a supervisor of postgraduate research projects and theses, she is the Personal Development Tutor for the Henley MBA programme in Malaysia. Read More...

Sr Tang Shin Wee (Alan)
Sr Tang Shin Wee (Alan) | Lecturer in Real Estate

Sr Tang is a Registered Valuer, a Registered Estate Agent, and a Registered Property Manager and member of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia. Read More...

Dr Tih Siohong | Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

Dr Tih is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School, University of Reading Malaysia. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience in tertiary business education. She received her BBA from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia); Post-graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; MBA from Keele University, UK and PhD in marketing from University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Read More...

Dr Yoke Yue Kan
Dr Yoke Yue Kan | Lecturer in Finance

Dr Kan has vast industrial experience gained prior to joining academia. She has extensive knowledge of the banking and finance sectors and has worked in leading financial institutions in Malaysia such as Phileo Allied Bank Berhad, Comet Asset Management Sdn Bhd and TA Securities Holdings Berhad. Her experience includes banking operation, loan evaluation, equity investment analysis and portfolio management. In 2002, she became a Chartered Financial Analyst of the CFA Institute, USA. Read More...

Dr Zahra Pourabedin
Dr Zahra Pourabedin | Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Zahra Pourabedin studied marketing at UTM University. Prior to joining Henley Business School, University of Reading Malaysia, she held positions at universities in Iran and Malaysia. She has taught courses on various management and marketing subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students. She has also supervised numerous postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations. Read More...


Faris Khamidi
Dr Mohd Faris Khamidi | Associate Professor, Academic Director of Research, Head of Built Environment

Dr Faris joined UoRM on 1 April 2015. From 2013-2015 he was an Associate Professor and Director of Studies for QS/CPM at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, while from 2008-2013 he was a Senior Lecturer and Leader at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Previously, he was a Lecturer at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia and was Head of the Department of Construction and Real Estate from 2005-2007. Read More...

Dr Chai Chang Saar
Dr Chai Chang Saar | Lecturer in Built Environment

Dr Chai Chang Saar is a lecturer in the School of Built Environment at the University of Reading Malaysia. He has spent 5 years in the construction industry, completing several projects in Singapore and Malaysia before entering academia. He is well-respected not only in his unparalleled professional track record and high ethical standards, but also for his commitment to ensuring the success of his projects. Read More...

Noor Azeyah Khiyon
Noor Azeyah Khiyon | Programme Lead of Quantity Surveying Programme Lecturer of Built Environment

Noor Azeyah Khiyon obtained her Master of Science in Construction Contract Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at the age of 22. Prior to that, she received a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) from the same institution with first-class honours and was given the Best Graduating Student award by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. Read More...

Nur Amirah Abd Wahab
Nur Amirah Abd Wahab | BIM Tutor

Nur Amirah Abd Wahab graduated with a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) from University of Technology MARA in 2012. She has been working in the construction industry since 2012, playing an important role as a quantity surveyor in pre and post contract stages at consultancy and contractor firms before entering the teaching profession. Read More...

Dr Sivaraman Kuppusamy
Dr Sivaraman Kuppusamy | Lecturer in Built Environment and Career Development Coordinator

Dr Siva joined UoRM on 3rd January 2017. He was a Project Engineer/Project Manager/Project Development Manager in various established development and contractor companies in the construction industry. Read More...


Dr Rachel Pye
Dr Rachel Pye |  Head of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences

Dr Rachel Pye was awarded a PhD in Psychology by the University of Reading in 2008, for her thesis on predicting improvement in reading in dyslexic children. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Reading with Dr Carien van Reekum and Prof Patricia Riddell, before taking a lectureship at the University of Winchester. She returned to the University of Reading in 2014, and took on the role of Director of Teaching and Learning for undergraduate psychology programmes. Read More...

Dr Adrian Willoughby
Dr Adrian Willoughby | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Adrian Willoughby was awarded a BA (Hons) in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and, in 2005, earned his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Michigan. He uses EEG and peripheral psychophysiology measures to study various cognitive processes. Read More...

Andreas Kalckert
Dr Andreas Kalckert | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Andreas Kalckert has a background in neuroscience and cognitive science, and was awarded a PhD by Stockholm's Karolinska Institute in 2014. In his research he explores the processes underlying the experience of the own body. Here he is particularly interested in the role of movements, which combines questions of perception (how do I perceive my movement?) and motor research (how do I control my movement?). He addresses these questions from both a psychological and neuroscientific perspective. Read More...

Chung Kai Li
Dr Chung Kai Li | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Chung Kai Li joined University of Reading in 2017 after completing her PhD in Psychology from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Kai Li’s main research interests lie in psychopathology and individual differences, where her PhD thesis focused on aversive personality traits, particularly three traits collectively known as the Dark Triad – psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism.. Read More...

Dr Davide Raffaello Mussi
Dr Davide Raffaello Mussi | Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Davide Mussi was awarded a PhD in Psychology at the University of Parma (Italy). He received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy). Read More...

Eleanor Luckcock
Eleanor Luckcock | PhD student, Psychology Graduate Research Technician

Eleanor has a BSc in Neuroscience and an MSc in Neuropsychology, where she was involved in research to determine the feasibility of using eye tracking as a post-stroke assessment tool. Her research interests are now in the psychology of language development, in particular the influence of multilingual language experience on word learning. She is especially interested in applying behavioural and electrophysiological methodologies to understand word learning in multilingual children and adults. Read More...

Dr Marat Zagidullin
Dr Marat Zagidullin | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Marat Zagidullin comes from an interdisciplinary background with his Master’s degree in English from Bergen University, Norway (1999), and his Doctoral degree from the interdisciplinary PhD programme in social psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA (2009). Read More...

Rachel Barrell
Rachel Barrell | Visiting Fellow

Prior to moving to Malaysia in July 2017, Rachel was a Principal Lecturer at the University of Worcester in the UK and Programme Lead for Undergraduate Primary Initial Teacher Education – a course designed to train school teachers to work with children from five to twelve years of age in the UK. Read More...

Dr Tan Kok Wei
Dr Tan Kok Wei | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Tan Kok Wei obtained his PhD in Psychology from the University of Nottingham in 2016, where he studied the effects of skin condition, specifically its colour and texture, on health perception in Asian faces. Read More...

Dr Treshi-Marie Perera
Dr Treshi-Marie Perera | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Treshi-Marie Perera obtained her PhD at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) in 2016. Her research area mainly examines the multisensory processes (vision, touch and proprioception) underlying perception of the body (particularly in terms of its appearance and position) in healthy individuals as well as the perceptual and cognitive processes underlying the formation of misperceptions of the body in individuals with Medically Unexplained Symptoms and other clinical conditions such as Somatosensory amplification. Read More...

Dr Valentina Sclafani
Dr Valentina Sclafani | Lecturer In Psychology

Dr Valentina Sclafani has a background in neurobiology and ethology and was awarded a PhD in Behavioural Biology by the University of Parma (Italy) in collaboration with the NICHD-NIH (Bethesda, MD, USA) in 2013. Dr Sclafani has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California Davis (CA, USA) and as a Newton International Fellow at the University of Reading (UK). Read More...

Dr Vigneswaran Veeramuthu | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Vigneswaran Veeramuthu is currently a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist (Adult and Pediatrics) at Gleneagles Medini Hospital, Johor and also serves as Sessional Lecturer in Psychology at UoRM. He completed a BSc degree in 2003, MEd Psychology in 2008, and a Fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Institute, Hawaii, USA in 2013. He completed his PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology (Neurosurgery) in July 2016 at University of Malaya. Read More...


Kate Fletcher
Kate Fletcher | Head of Pharmacy

Kate studied Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 1994, and completed her pre-registration training at King's College Hospital, London, joining the register as a pharmacist in 1995. She gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy Practice in 1999 and has worked in a number of clinical specialities over her 20 years as an NHS hospital pharmacist, including neurosurgery, intensive care, care of the elderly and general and specialist surgery. Read More...

Dr Samantha Weston
Dr Samantha Weston | Associate Professor of Pharmacy, Interim Vice-Provost and Academic Director of Teaching & Learning

Dr Samantha Weston has worked at the University of Reading since 2006.In 2014 she was seconded to UoRM to begin the development of Reading School of Pharmacy (RSoP) Malaysia, and the creation of the BPharm programme for delivery over four years from 2017. Additionally, she has led the RSoP Malaysia team to successful accreditation of the MPharm '2+2' programme by both Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia and the General Pharmaceutical Council.Read More...

Mong Lee
Mong Lee | Lecturer in Pharmacy

Mong Lee studied Pharmacy at the University of Bath, graduating in 1998, and completed pre-registration training at United Bristol Heathcare NHS Trust, Bristol, joining the register as a UK pharmacist in 1999. She worked with Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge as a hospital pharmacist and gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice in 2000. Read More...

Dr Kok Fui Liew
Dr Kok Fui Liew | Lecturer in Pharmacy

Dr Kok Fui Liew joined the University of Reading Malaysia in 2017 as a Lecturer in Pharmacy. He is currently the acting lead for Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Co-lead for Medicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery at the Reading School of Pharmacy Malaysia. Read More...

Dr Rajendran
Dr Rajendran Vaiyapuri | Lecturer in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

Dr Rajendran Vaiyapuri completed his PhD at the University of Reading, UK in the field of supramolecular chemistry. Upon successful completion, he joined the same department as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant. Read More...

Dr Sini George
Dr Sini George | Lecturer in Pharmacy (Medicinal Chemistry)

Dr Sini George received her PhD from the National University of Singapore in 2011. Sini became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2016. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, before joining UoRM. Read More...

Dr Sumita Elendran
Dr Sumita Elendran | Lecturer in Pharmacy

Dr Sumita Elendran studied a Diploma in Biotechnology at the Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, graduating in 2010. Under the International Programme in Biotechnology, she obtained a degree of Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) from the Faculty of Science at Monash University, Australia in the same year. In 2011, Sumita joined Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University, Malaysia as a research assistant after which she enrolled for a Masters’ Degree in Biomedical Science and subsequently converted to a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Read More...

Dr Wee Kiat Ong
Dr Wee Kiat Ong | Lecturer in Pharmacy (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)

Dr Wee Kiat Ong completed his PhD at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and worked at Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC) before joining the School of Pharmacy at UoRM. He is a registered pharmacist in Malaysia and currently also holds an adjunct senior research fellow position at SBIC. Read More...

Dr Kok Lun Pang
Dr Kok Lun Pang | Lecturer in Pharmacy (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)

Dr Kok Lun Pang completed his Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) from The National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2011. He continued his postgraduate study in UKM under the supervision of Assoc Prof Dr Chan Kok Meng and Prof Salmaan Hussain Inayat-Hussain. Read More...

Dr Lee Chuen Cheng
Dr Lee Chuen Cheng | Lecturer in Pharmacy

Dr Lee Chuen Cheng joined University of Reading Malaysia in 2018 as a Lecturer in Pharmacy. She was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biotechnology by the University of Malaysia Sabah in 2012, and earned her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Science Malaysia in 2016.Read More...


Anne Chrishanthani Vergis
Anne Chrishanthani Vergis|Head of Law – Associate Professor of Law

Anne Vergis, an Associate Professor of Law joined University of Reading Malaysia (UORM) as the Head of Law in October 2014. She is very enthusiastic about education, educational leadership and management of higher education. Her passion for education brought her into the academia in 1998 where she commenced her academic career as a lecturer and progressed on to hold various administrative and management portfolios. Read More...

Sati-Salmah Sukarmijan
Sati-Salmah Sukarmijan| Lecturer in Law

Sati Salmah is currently a lecturer of law in University of Reading Malaysia. She obtained her Master in International Commercial Law degree from Newcastle University back in 2008. She started her career as a Legal and Corporate Executive in one of the oil and gas company based in Sarawak. She joined Universiti Teknologi MARA in 2006 and has been serving the academia for almost 10 years. She is passionate about IP laws and has been publishing papers and conducting IP trainings for various institutions. Read More...

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