Community & Safety

Community & Safety

Your safety is very important to us and students are encouraged to look out for one another. The following are some tips on staying safe on campus and within the community.


Feeling ill

The nearest government hospital is Hospital Sultanah Aminah at Danga Bay (a 20 minute drive from campus).

There are two private hospitals in Iskandar Puteri:

First Aid

If you have an accident, require first aid or other emergency assistance, please alert a member of staff.

Personal Safety

Social networks

Think carefully about the personal details you share when using social media.


Don’t get into unlicensed taxis

Going Out at Night

When going out at night, we recommend you travel in pairs or groups and let people know where you are going.


If you need to contact the police, call 999 or contact Anjung Nusajaya Police Station on +60 (7) 510 3222

Protecting your Property

Emergency numbers

Make sure you get clued up and log emergency numbers in your phone. Security at UoRM can be reached by calling +60 (7) 268 06301


If wearing earphones, please be cautious when crossing roads and consider your surroundings.

Be considerate

Wherever you go, be conscious of your surroundings and think about what is going on around you. Look out for cars, bikes and people.


Do not smoke or vape on campus. Please be aware that vaping is banned in the state of Johor.

Taking Care

Are you a driver?

If you are driving, please keep to the speed limit, which is 30kph on campus. Lock your vehicles before leaving them.

Or a pedestrian?

Watch out for vehicles, in particular when you are crossing roads. Be aware there may be cars coming up behind you.

Fire Safety

Fire Alarms

Always evacuate in the event of a fire alarm. Do not attempt to fight a fire.

Escape routes

Keep fire exits clear and fire doors shut.

Open flames

Do not use candles or incense at any time on campus or in any of the EduCity facilities.


Toll free:
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Toll free:
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