Conduct as a Student

Conduct as a Student


Partners in a Positive Student Experience

Staff and students have worked together to develop this charter that clearly sets out what we all expect of each other in relation to the roles and responsibilities of UoRM and the Students’ Association. It recognises the importance of an effective partnership commitment, in which the University and its staff have professional obligations but where students are also responsible for making a positive contribution to the campus environment as well as the experience of students.

Students expect the University

  • to provide excellent facilities for both leisure and study at UoRM;
  • to maintain and enhance the space allocated to the Students’ Association;
  • to provide access to social spaces and facilities that allow you to relax and enhance your own student experience;
  • to offer administrative support for setting up and maintenance of student clubs and societies;
  • to provide administrative and financial support for a broad range of social, cultural, sporting and co-curricular student-led activities;
  • to provide guidance and support to students and to ensure that students’ interests are safeguarded;
  • to provide resources for students to maintain their health and physical and mental well-being;
  • to recognise individual students for outstanding contribution to a positive learning and social environment at UoRM;
  • to facilitate Student Academic Representation, including meaningful training and support for elections.

The University expects students

  • to take ownership of the Student Association facilities and to ensure that the space and equipment are used appropriately and adequately maintained;
  • to provide opportunities and activities to students, through Student Representation and clubs and societies;
  • to take advantage of the wealth of activities (social and developmental) provided by the University;
  • to participate in and engage with Student Academic Representation;
  • to recognise individual staff for outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning of students;
  • to provide constructive feedback on their time at UoRM through the Students’ Association and directly to the University.

We all expect each other

  • to provide opportunities for students to socialise in a supportive environment;
  • to show responsible stewardship of the university environment, facilities and resources;
  • to create an environment of inclusivity and to celebrate diversity in the student population.


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