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Thorough and personalised preparation for university study.


It’s important that students get the most out of their time while at university. The Foundation, Study and Language Institute (FSLI) ensures students are fully prepared for the rigours of academic study they will face when they start their undergraduate degrees and provides them with ongoing academic support during their time with the university.

The programmes and activities that FSLI support include:

The programmes at the Malaysia campus are the same as those offered in the UK, developed at the University’s International Study and Language Institute (ISLI), which has been delivering English Language teaching and foundation-level teaching for over 35 years.


Students joining the University of Reading’s International Foundation Programme or University English programme often come directly from school, and need to cope with meeting the high academic standards at the same time as adapting to the University’s expectations of independent learning. FSLI staff guide students through this challenging transition, and the vast majority of students are successful in completing their studies and being able to progress to their chosen degree at the university whether on the Malaysia campus or our UK campus.


The academic staff in FSLI are driven by a student-centred approach to learning. Whether in a classroom or through online learning, the latest technologies are used in conjunction with the fundamental emphasis on supporting students according to their needs and their ambitions. Academic staff are both lecturers and tutors, focusing on giving direction to students in their study of module content, but also their professionalism in terms of independence, academic integrity, and communication skills. Our Academic Tutorial System gives the students one-to-one advice on personal as well as study needs and problems, linked to their future degree study plans.


While foundation or English Language courses are a ‘bridge’ between school and university, students studying with FSLI benefit from a holistic university experience. Class sizes are relatively small, and all campus facilities as well as student services and student activities are available to them, including membership of RUMSA and the RED award.


Academic staff in FSLI are expert educators, dedicated to continuous self-improvement in their teaching skills. All staff hold Higher Education Academy (HEA) accreditation and undertake regular training and best-practice sharing.

Bruce Howell
Assoc. Prof. Bruce Howell | Head of Foundation, Study and Language Institute (FSLI); Associate Professor, with special interest in Language Assessment
Bruce Howell graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1990 and after some travel experience soon changed career to English teaching, although in recent years has been able to use his scientific background in developing and teaching ‘English for Science’ modules. Read More...

Esther Chang
Esther Chang | Foundation Programmes Lead; Foundation Lecturer in Economics
Esther Chang has eight years of lecturing experience in finance and economics-related modules at both pre-university and undergraduate levels. Read More...

Lina Ying Ying Tang
Lina Ying Ying Tang | Foundation Senior Academic Tutor; Foundation Lecturer in Biology
Lina Ying Ying Tang has been teaching Pre-University programmes such as Cambridge A-Levels, and Foundation Year Programmes for more than five years. She is passionate about working with young people from diverse backgrounds and likes to experiment with a variety of teaching methods.Read More...

Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah
Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah | Pre-sessional English (PSE) Programme Lead / Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah began his career teaching academic English, research writing, human communication and English immersion programmes to local and international students before joining UoRM as a Foundation Lecturer. He has trained students in numerous IELTS, TOEFL and MUET preparatory courses and has been involved in several courses and training programmes on student-centred learning and e-learning. Read More...

fock jan heng
Fock Jan Heng | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Fock Jan Heng graduated from the University of Malaya in 1977. He started his teaching career in a government secondary school and was promoted to Deputy District Education Officer in 1988, managing and administrating all of the secondary and primary schools in Kulai, Johor.Read More...

lim tian hwee
Lim Tian Hwee | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Lim Tian Hwee has been teaching Pre-U programmes (i.e. A Levels, AUSMAT, MUFY, STPM etc.) for more than five years and is a longstanding member of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society.Read More...

Dr Kuan Yong Ching
Ts. Dr. Ching Kuan Yong | Foundation Lecturer
Dr. Ching Kuan Yong obtained her PhD in Engineering Sciences from the University of Southampton, UK, for her research in developing polymer scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. She worked as an Assistant Professor at Southern University College before taking a lectureship at UoRM in 2016. Read More...

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi
Mohammad Izzat Morshidi | Foundation Lecturer in Psychology
Mohammad Izzat Morshidi is fascinated by the behaviours of people and the reasons behind every act and event, especially in Malaysia. As well as his teaching modules, he has a keen interest in politics, philosophy, digital arts and story writing. Read More...

Nurul Akmar
Nurul Akmar Binti Asmi | Foundation Lecturer in Business and Management
Nurul has been teaching since 2009. Prior to joining UoRM, she had posts at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, teaching a variety of Business Management subjects, including principles of management, marketing management, organisational behaviour, business information systems and human resource management.Read More...

Mohamed Hasif Jazila Sakri
Mohamed Hasif Jazila Sakri | Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Hasif started teaching Academic English in 2014 and has garnered experience in teaching at both public and private local universities.Read More...

Noorul Amilin Nordin
Noorul Amilin Nordin | Foundation Lecturer in EAP
Amilin is a literature graduate who has a strong passion in teaching. Over the past two years, she has developed a tenacious interest in teaching, and has since been pursuing her passion as a lecturer. Read More...

Hajar Binti Abdul Karim
Hajar Binti Abdul Karim | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Hajar is a mathematics lecturer with more than five years of teaching experience in the higher education industry, teaching mathematics and statistics related subjects and modules. Hajar began her teaching career as a lecturer in a public university, and has since been teaching applied maths to undergraduate students majoring in agriculture, banking, accountancy and science. Hajar taught Pre-University programmes (Edexcel A-Level, ADFP/ACTP, AUSMAT or SACE) at a private institution before joining the University of Reading Malaysia. Read More...

Nur Amira Zureena Zulkurnain
Nur Amira Zureena Zulkurnain | General Studies Programme Lead
Zureena obtained her Bachelor in Marketing and Master in Business Administration from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2013 and 2015 respectively Read More...

Jamie Siow Hui Sian
Jamie Siow Hui Sian | Foundation Lecturer in Economics
Siow Hui Sian is a PHD candidate with Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Putra Malaysia. She has been teaching in economics related modules for more than Read More...


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