Academic Team - Zahara Hamzah, Foundation Lecturer in Economics, Business and Management

Academic Team

Zahara Hamzah| Foundation Lecturer in Economics, Business and Management

Zahara Hamzah Zahara has 12 years of teaching experience in public and private higher education institutions. She taught economics, introduction to Business, econometrics, and modelling in economics among others. She always believes that education is what inspires students beyond the knowledge they acquire in the classroom.



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Speciality areas


Business Management

Highest qualification and awarding body

Master of Science (Economics) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

UoRM programmes taught/supervised

Economics, Introduction to Business & Management

Research interests

Applied Macroeconomics

Current projects

Understanding frontliners’ challenges during pandemic

Recent publications

Evan Lau and Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah (2019) Deterrence: A wrong policy or a misplaced strategy?, Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53(1), pp. 105 - 119.

Evan Lau, Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah, Sandra Tan Chia Chia and Biagio Simonetti (2016): 'Suicide and socioeconomic determinants in Canada: Beyond morality and philosophy,'Quality & Quantity International Journal of Methodology, (forthcoming). [Impact Factor Journal (0.720)]

Evan Lau and Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah (2015): 'How would mother's decision to work effect childbearing in Malaysia?,' Economic Annals-XXI, 1-2(1), pp. 98-101

Evan Lau and Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah (2013): 'Criminometric analysis of deterrence hypothesis,' Journal of Academic Research in Economics, No. 5(3)

Evan Lau, Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah, Sharon Alvina Sallih and Mohammad Affendy Arip (2013): 'Hungernomics: Explaining food trade sustainability,' International Food Research Journal, No. 20(5), pp. 2887-2893

Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah and Evan Lau (2013): 'The role of social factors in explaining crime,' Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) Paper No. 43518

Evan Lau, Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah and Xin-Yi Choong (2012): 'An Asian monetary union?,' Actual Problems of Economics, No. 6(132). [Impact Factor Journal (0.039)]

Siti Nur Zahara Hamzah and Evan Lau (2011): 'Is peniaphobia an incentive to crime?,' Global Crime, 12(4), pp. 312-326



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