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Ts. Dr. Ching Kuan Yong | Foundation Lecturer

Dr Kuan Yong ChingDr. Ching Kuan Yong obtained her PhD in Engineering Sciences from the University of Southampton, UK, for her research in developing polymer scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. She worked as an Assistant Professor at Southern University College before taking a lectureship at UoRM in 2016. She is a Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professional Technologist of Malaysia Board of Technologists and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Kuan Yong currently holds the roles of Campus Director of Academic Tutoring and Study Advice Lead at UoRM.


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Speciality areas

Biomaterials, polymers

Highest qualification and awarding body

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering Sciences), University of Southampton, UK

UoRM programmes taught/supervised


Medicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery

Academic Skills

Environment and Natural Resources in Malaysia

Research interests

Chemo-mechanical behaviour of polymers and polymer nanocomposites

Current projects

  1. Structure and electrical breakdown properties of polypropylene-based nanocomposites (Co-Investigator, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Education, Malaysia, 2019-2021)
  2. Dielectric properties of multi-element oxide based nanocomposites (Co-Investigator, Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering, Japan, 2019-2020)

Recent publications

Hashim, Z., Lau, K.Y., Tan, C.W. and Ching, K.Y. (2020). Simulation of nanodielectrics: Nanoparticle and interphase effects on electric field distributions. IET Nanodielectrics, 3, 1-9.

Ching, Y.C., Gunathilake, T.M.S.U., Chuah, C.H., Ching, K.Y. and Liou, N.S. (2019). Curcumin/Tween 20-incorporated cellulose nanoparticles with enhanced curcumin solubility for nano-drug delivery: Characterization and in vitro evaluation. Cellulose, 26, 5467-5481.

Lau, K.Y., Zafrullah, S.N.R.M., Ismail, I.Z. and Ching, K.Y. (2018). Effects of water on breakdown characteristics of polyethylene composites. Journal of Electrostatics, 96, 119-127.

Ching, K.Y., Andriotis, O.G., Li, S., Basnett, P., Su, B., Roy, I., Tare, R.S., Sengers, B.G. and Stolz, M. (2016). Nanofibrous poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) scaffolds provide a functional microenvironment for cartilage repair. Journal of Biomaterials Application, 31, 77-91.

Ching, K.Y., Ching, Y.C., Chuah, C.H. and Liou, N.S. (2015). Effect of fiber orientation on the mechanical properties of kenaf-reinforced polymer composite. Bioresources, 10, 2597-2608.

(Full list of publications is available at Google Scholar)


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