Academic Team - Shumetha Kaur Sidhu, Lecturer in Psychology

Academic Team

Dr Shumetha Kaur Sidhu | Lecturer in Psychology

Shumeta Kaur Sidhu  Dr Shumetha Sidhu received her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2020. Her thesis was in the field of human visual perception, specifically investigating the mechanisms of figure-ground segregation of orientation-based texture stimuli. She uses psychophysical paradigms, computational modelling, and eye-tracking techniques in her research to explore early vision in humans. Shumetha’s current research area has extended into the field of cognition, specifically investigating lifestyle factors that improve cognition. Shumetha joined the School of Psychology at the University of Reading Malaysia in 2020, where she has since taught various psychology modules at an undergraduate level. She is also serving as the Research Lead and Diversity & Inclusion Lead



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Speciality areas

Vision Science

Highest qualification and awarding body

PhD in Psychology, University of Nottingham

UoRM programmes taught/supervised

BSc (Hons) in Psychology:

PY1IPR Introduction to Psychological Research
PY2CBP Cognitive and Biological Psychology
PY3VIP Visual Perception: Physiology, Psychophysics, and Psychology
PY3P Project

PhD in Psychology

Research interests

Texture perception
Second-order processing
Vision and cognitive benefits
Ageing and cognition

Current projects

How do we segregate foreground objects from a background purely by textural differences?
[Collaborator: Dr David Keeble, University of Nottingham]

What aspects of nature scenes improve cognitive abilities?
Investigating the cognitive benefits of digital technology usage in Malaysian elderly.
[Collaborator: Dr Tengku Amatullah Madeehah Tengku Mohd, University Sains Islam Malaysia]

Investigating the effects of green urban spaces on cognition, mental, physical, and physiological health.
[Collaborator: Dr Tan Kok Wei, University of Reading]

Eye movement patterns in dark tetrad traits [Collaborator: Dr Chung Kai Li, University of Reading]

Recent publications

Sidhu, S. K., Allen, H. A., & Keeble, D. R. (2023). Eye movements are made to the centre of gravity of texture-defined targets. Vision Research, 210, 108264.


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