Academic Team - Jasmine Lee Kar Wye, Lecturer in Psychology

Academic Team

Dr Jasmine Lee Kar Wye | Lecturer in Psychology

Jasmine Lee Kar WyeDr Jasmine Lee received her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2023. Her thesis was in the field of face recognition, specifically exploring the cognitive mechanisms (i.e., perception & attention) involved in self-face recognition. She used eye-tracking techniques and behavioral experimental paradigms to explore the self-face advantage phenomenon. Her current research centers on exploring topics that resonate with societal perceptions of beauty and self-perception, such as the pervasive influence of selfie-editing to the acceptance of cosmetic surgery and lookism. Through her work, she seeks to shed light on the complex interplay between societal norms, technological advancements, and individual well-being in shaping perceptions of beauty standards and personal identity.

Jasmine joined the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading Malaysia in 2023, where she is currently teaching various psychology modules at an undergraduate level



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Speciality areas

Face Recognition
Experimental Psychology

Highest qualification and awarding body

PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Nottingham, 2023

UoRM programmes taught/supervised

PY1DMH Debates In Mental Health
PY2BCH Behaviour Change
PY2CBP Cognitive and Biology Psychology
PY2RMP Research Methods in Psychology
PY2PRP Professional Placement
PY2PRP Professional Placement
PY3SFP The Science of Face Processing
PY3P Project 

Research interests

Human face recognition
Self-face recognition
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Body Image Anxiety
Acceptance of cosmetic surgery
Self-concept clarity

Current projects

Editing the self away: Exploring effects of selfie-editing on self-face recognition.
Acceptance of cosmetic surgery and lookism in Malaysia.
Exploring body image anxiety and self-face processing.
Exploring self-face recognition in twins.

Recent publications

Lee, J. K.W., Janssen, S. M.J., & Estudillo, A. J. (2024). No modulation effects of depressive traits on the self-face advantage. Personality and Individual Differences, 220, 112524.

Lee, J.K.W., Janssen, S.M.J., Estudillo, A. J. (2022). A featural account for own-face processing? Looking for support from face inversion, composite face, and part -whole tasks. i-Perception, 13(4), 1-22,

Lee, J.K.W., Janssen, S.M.J., Estudillo, A. J. (2022). A more featural based processing for the self-face: An Eye-Tracking Study. Consciousness & Cognition, 105,

Lee, J.K.W., Janssen, S.M.J., Estudillo, A. J. (2022). Cultural modulation effects on the Self-Face Advantage: Do Caucasians find their own faces faster than Chinese? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Estudillo, A. J., Lee, J. K. W., Mennie, N., & Burns, E. (2020). No evidence of other‐race effect for Chinese faces in Malaysian non‐Chinese population. Applied Cognitive Psychology.


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