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Academic Team

Our academic staff are international experts in their field. Many have had successful careers in industry, are research active and have a wealth of international experience. All are committed to giving students the best possible learning experience.


Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah
Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah | Head of Foundation, Study and Language Institute (FSLI)
Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah began his career teaching academic English, research writing, human communication, and English immersion programmes to local and international students before joining the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM). Read More...

Esther Chang
Esther Chang | Foundation Programmes Lead; Foundation Lecturer in Economics
Esther Chang has eight years of lecturing experience in finance and economics-related modules at both pre-university and undergraduate levels. Read More...

Muhammad Aniq Najat Azman
Muhammad Aniq Najat Azman | Pre-Sessional English (PSE) Programme Lead; Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP).
Aniq has 2 years of teaching experience in primary and secondary education where he began his career in teaching English in secondary school. Aniq loves to teach youngsters and would like to change students’ perception on ‘English is a difficult language’.Read More...

Dr Kuan Yong Ching
Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Ching Kuan Yong | General Studies Programme Lead
Dr. Ching Kuan Yong obtained her PhD in Engineering Sciences from the University of Southampton, UK, in 2014. She joined the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) in 2016 and was awarded the title of Associate Professor in 2022. She currently holds the roles of Campus Director of Academic Tutoring and Study Advice Lead at UoRM.Read More...

fock jan heng
Fock Jan Heng | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Fock Jan Heng graduated from the University of Malaya in 1977. He started his teaching career in a government secondary school and was promoted to Deputy District Education Officer in 1988, managing and administrating all of the secondary and primary schools in Kulai, Johor.Read More...

Hajar Binti Abdul Karim
Hajar Binti Abdul Karim | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Hajar is a mathematics lecturer with more than five years of teaching experience in the higher education industry, teaching mathematics and statistics related subjects and modules. Hajar began her teaching career as a lecturer in a public university, and has since been teaching applied maths to undergraduate students majoring in agriculture, banking, accountancy and science. Hajar taught Pre-University programmes (Edexcel A-Level, ADFP/ACTP, AUSMAT or SACE) at a private institution before joining the University of Reading Malaysia. Read More...

lim tian hwee
Lim Tian Hwee | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics
Lim Tian Hwee has been teaching Pre-U programmes (i.e. A Levels, AUSMAT, MUFY, STPM etc.) for more than five years and is a longstanding member of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society.Read More...

Lina Ying Ying Tang
Lina Ying Ying Tang | Foundation Senior Academic Tutor; Foundation Lecturer in Biology
Lina Ying Ying Tang has been teaching Pre-University programmes such as Cambridge A-Levels, and Foundation Year Programmes for more than five years. She is passionate about working with young people from diverse backgrounds and likes to experiment with a variety of teaching methods.Read More...

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi
Mohammad Izzat Morshidi | Foundation Lecturer in Psychology
Mohammad Izzat Morshidi is fascinated by the behaviours of people and the reasons behind every act and event, especially in Malaysia. As well as his teaching modules, he has a keen interest in politics, philosophy, digital arts and story writing. Read More...

Nurul Akmar
Nurul Akmar Binti Asmi | Foundation Lecturer in Business and Management
Nurul has been teaching since 2009. Prior to joining UoRM, she had posts at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, teaching a variety of Business Management subjects, including principles of management, marketing management, organisational behaviour, business information systems and human resource management.Read More...

Zahara Hamzah
Zahara Hamzah | Foundation Lecturer in Economics, Business and Management
Zahara has 12 years of teaching experience in public and private higher education institutions. She taught economics, introduction to Business, econometrics, and modelling in economics among others. She always believes that education is what inspires students beyond the knowledge they acquire Read More...

Ahmad Hafiz Yahaya
Ahmad Hafiz Yahaya | Foundation Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Hafiz started his teaching career in 2015 teaching in a private college and has more than 7 years of teaching experience before joining the University of Reading Malaysia. Hafiz has a master’s in education (TESL) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).Read More...


Dr Nafis
Professor Teck Yong Eng | Professor of Business Enterprise & Analytics, Head of Henley Business School Malaysia
Prior to joining HBS Malaysia, Prof. Eng was head of the department of digital and data-driven marketing at the University of Southampton, Southampton Business School UK. He had worked in the UK for almost 27 years, and had been chair of marketing and head of department for almost 10 years at three different business schools in the UK. Read More...

Dr Evelita Estela Celis
Dr Evelita Estela Celis | Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance
Evelita is the Programme Lead for BSc Accounting and Finance at Henley Business School Malaysia. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)Read More...

Dr Janice Lee
Dr Janice Lee Yim Mei | Associate Professor in Real Estate Management
Janice is the Programme Lead for BSc Real Estate. She has almost 15 years’ teaching experience in tertiary real estate education and managing real estate programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is an alumna of University of Reading and University of Western Australia.Read More...

ji hei lee
Dr Ji Hei Lee | Lecturer in Real Estate - Planning and Development
Dr Ji Hei Lee is a lecturer in Real Estate ‒ Planning and Development at Henley Business School, University of Reading Malaysia. Prior to joining Reading, she taught urban planning at Texas A&M University. Her research areas lie at the intersection of urban planning, social work and public health.Read More...

Kee Liang Chin
Kee Liang Chin | Lecturer in Real Estate
Mr Chin is responsible in the delivery of modules in Management of Change in Real Estate (RE) Sector, RE Asset Management, Finance and Market, Development Appraisal and Finance and Career Management Skills in UoRM. Read More...

Dr Mohd
Dr Mohd-Pisal Zainal | Associate Professor in Finance
Dr Mohd‐Pisal Zainal is an Associate Professor of Finance at Henley Business School – Malaysia, University of Reading Malaysia. Prior to joining Henley Business School – Malaysia, he was the Director of the Centre for Research and Publication at INCEIF. Read More...

Sr Alan Tang Shin Wee
Sr Tang Shin Wee (Alan) | Lecturer in Real Estate
Sr Tang is a Registered Valuer, a Registered Estate Agent, and a Registered Property Manager and member of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia. Read More...

Tih Sio Hong
Dr Siohong Tih | Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship
Dr Tih is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School, University of Reading Malaysia. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience in tertiary business education. She received her BBA from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia); Post-graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; MBA from Keele University, UK and PhD in marketing from University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Read More...

no pic
Dr Yoke Yue Kan | Lecturer in Finance
Dr Kan has vast industrial experience gained prior to joining academia. She has extensive knowledge of the banking and finance sectors and has worked in leading financial institutions in Malaysia such as Phileo Allied Bank Berhad, Comet Asset Management Sdn Bhd and TA Securities Holdings Berhad. Her experience includes banking operation, loan evaluation, equity investment analysis and portfolio management. Read More...

Dr Mandy Mok
Dr Mandy Mok | Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Dr Mandy is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School – Malaysia, University of Reading Malaysia. Prior to joining Henley Business School, she taught atNilai University. Her teaching assignments have included Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Innovation and Management, International Business and Human Resource Management and Development.Read More...

Nurjihan Idris
Dr Nurjihan Idris | Lecturer in Real Estate Economics
Dr Nurjihan Idris is a lecturer in Real Estate Economics. Previously she had been tutoring Introductory Economics for Business and Finance and assisted in computer lab for Applied Econometrics at University of Reading, UK while obtaining her PhD in Economics.Read More...

Nur Amalina Borhan
Nur Amalina Borhan | Lecturer in Finance
Ms Nur Amalina Borhan is a lecturer in Finance. Ms Amalina received her BBA(Hons) Finance in 2011 from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Master in Business Administration (MBA) concentration in Islamic Finance in 2013 from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Previously she had more than 8 years teaching experience in various private university and colleges such as KLMUC, UTAR, SUC and MDISM. During her 8 years teaching experience, she had been teaching various subject specifically in Finance and Islamic Finance area such as Read More...

Ammselaxmy Manickadass
Ammselaxmy Manickadass | Lecturer in Accounting
Ammselaxmy just joined UoRM as an Accounting Lecturer. She has worked as an external auditor for 5 years in small and medium sized Audit firm including top 10 International audit firm and worked as a lecturer and programme lead at numerous private colleges for the past 6 years. Read More...

John Celement Tang
John Clement Tang | Lecturer in Accounting & Taxation
Mr. John is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and holds a degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (UK). He began his career in auditing and taxation with a small & medium size professional firm where he gained valuable professional Read More...

Lee Pei Ling
Dr. Lee Pei Ling | Lecturer in Finance
Prior to joining Henley Malaysia, Pei ling was a lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department of Multimedia University Malaysia. She has 16-year of teaching experience in the subjects of Corporate Financial Management, Financial Management, International Finance, Bank Management, Read More...


Dr. Bruno Lot Tanko
Dr Bruno Lot Tanko, MRICS, RQS | Head of Built Environment
Dr. Bruno Lot Tanko has a wide range of teaching experience in quantity surveying and construction management. Read More...

Sr (Dr) Ong See Lian, KMN | Visiting Fellow, Executive Chairman of Benchrisda Associates Sdn Bhd | Former Global President of RICS
Dr. Ong has an illustrious career spanning over 45 years in both the public and private sectors. He was the Senior Partner of Davis Langdon & Seah, an international practice of quantity surveyors and project managers and its Malaysian associates JUBM Sdn Bhd until his retirement at the end of 2010. Read More...

dr mustafa klufallah
Dr. Mustafa Klufallah | Lecturer in Built Environment
Dr. Mustafa Klufallah is a Senior Lecturer in the school of Built Environment, University of Reading-Malaysian campus. He has vast experience in construction management, completing several research projects and research funds.Read More...

Dr. Maizon Hashim
Sr Dr. Maizon Hashim, CQS - Associate Professor | Lecturer in Built Environment
Maizon Hashim graduated with a Professional Diploma in Building Economics from Polytechnic of Central London, United Kingdom in 1975. She has been working in the construction industry since 1971, playing an important role as a quantity surveyor in pre and post contract stages at Quantity Surveying consultancy firms.Read More...

jamaludin yaakob
Jamaludin Yaakob | Lecturer in Construction Law
Jamaludin Yaakob teaches legal modules in the School of Built Environment, University of Reading, Malaysia. He essentially feeds in the required legal inputs contained in the BSc Quantity Surveying Programme, specifically, Construction Statutory Law (CE2CSL) and Construction Law 2 (CE2CCL2).Read More...

Dr siva
Dr Sivaraman Kuppusamy | Lecturer in Built Environment
Dr Siva has teaching experience as a Senior Lecturer with many foreign universities from Australia, New Zealand, China and UK who have Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) twinning programmes.Read More...

noor azeyah khiyon
SR Dr. Noor Azeyah Dato' Khiyon | Lecturer of Built Environment
Dr. Aze is a Professional Quantity Surveyor and she holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Quantity Surveying from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She graduated Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) from the same institution with first class honours in 2010 and was awarded with the Best Graduating Student award by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia.Read More...

Ms Nurul Syahidah Mazlan
Ms Nurul Syahidah Mazlan | Programme Lead of BSc Quantity Surveying
Nurul Syahidah Mazlan graduated with BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying from the University of Reading Malaysia and furthered her studies in MSc Information Management for Design, Construction and Operation at University of Reading, United Kingdom,Read More...


Dr Chung Kai Li
Assoc. Prof. Dr Chung Kai Li | Head of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Dr Chung Kai Li joined University of Reading in 2017 after completing her PhD in Psychology from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Read More...

tan kok wei
Dr Tan Kok Wei | Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Tan Kok Wei obtained his PhD in Psychology from the University of Nottingham in 2016, where he studied the effects of skin colour and texture on health perception in Asian faces.Read More...

Dr Marat Zagidullin
Dr Marat Zagidullin | Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Marat Zagidullin comes from an interdisciplinary background with his Master’s degree in English from Bergen University, Norway (1999), and his Doctoral degree from the interdisciplinary PhD programme in social psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA (2009)Read More...

Vashnarekha Kumarasuriar
Vashnarekha Kumarasuriar | Lecturer In Psychology and Psychology Programme Lead
Vashnarekha Kumarasuriar graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology from University of Queensland, Australia, and obtained her Masters in Counselling from the University of South Australia in 2005. Rekha has more than 15 years of experience teaching Psychology Read More...

Shumeta Kaur Sidhu
Dr Shumetha Kaur Sidhu | Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Shumetha Sidhu received her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2020. Her thesis was in the field of human visual perception, specifically investigating the mechanisms of figure-ground segregation of orientation-based texture stimuli. She uses psychophysical paradigms, Read More...

Putri Nurain Shazana
Putri Nurain Shazana | Teaching Fellow In Psychology
Putri graduated in 2018 with a degree in BSc Psychology (Hons) from Help University. She then pursued MSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health in Swansea University and graduated in 2020.Read More...

Jasmine Lee Kar Wye
Dr Jasmine Lee Kar Wye | Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Jasmine Lee received her PhD from University of Nottingham in 2023. Her thesis was in the field of face recognition, specifically exploring the cognitive mechanisms (i.e., perception & attention) Read More...

YiShan Wong
Wong Yi Shan | PhD in Psychology Student
Yishan graduated with BSc (Hons) Psychology from the University of Nottingham and obtained her MSc in Psychological Medicine from University Putra Malaysia in 2020. Read More...


anne vergis
Assoc. Prof. Anne Vergis | Academic Director for Teaching and Learning - Head of Law – Associate Professor of Law

Anne Vergis, an Associate Professor of Law joined University of Reading Malaysia (UORM) in October 2014 as the Head of Law. Anne is very enthusiastic about legal education, educational leadership and management of higher education. Her passion for education brought her into Read More...

no pic
Sati-Salmah Sukarmijan | Lecturer in Law
Sati Salmah is currently a lecturer of law in University of Reading Malaysia. She obtained her Master in International Commercial Law degree from Newcastle University back in 2008. She started her career as a Legal and Corporate Executive in one of the oil and gas company based in Sarawak.Read More...

nalina nadarajah
Nalina Nadarajah | Lecturer of Law
Nalina joined University of Reading Malaysia (UORM) in September 2019. She is a dedicated and motivated educationist who joined the legal academia in 1992..Read More...

deeba manain
Deeba Manain | Lecturer of Law
Deeba joined University of Reading Malaysia in October 2020. She obtained her degree from University of London (2007) and masters from University of Malaya (2011).Read More...

Hashvini Rekha Pachappan
Hashvini Rekha Pachappan | Lecturer of Law
Hashvini Rekha Pachappan, a Lecturer of Law joined University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) in November 2020. She graduated from Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia with a LLB (Hons.) in 2015.Read More...

Alamelmangai Ananthakumar
Alamelmangai Ananthakumar | Lecturer of Law
Alamelmangai Ananthakumar joined UoRM as Lecturer of Law in August 2021. She graduated with Honours in Bachelor of Laws from Northumbria University, UK. She also holds a Master of Laws from University of Malaya and currently working on her PhD studies. Read More...

Prabu manikam
Prabu Manikam | Lecturer of Law
Prabu Manikam joined University of Reading Malaysia in October 2021. He obtained a Law Degree from University of London and a Master’s degree in Law from National University of Malaysia. In 2010, he started his career in legal education at Stamford College where he Read More...

Andrew Harding
Andrew Harding | Professor of Law
Professor Andrew Harding is a leading scholar in Asian legal studies and comparative constitutional law. He is a former Head of the Law School at SOAS, University of London; a former Director of the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and founding editor Read More...


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