PhD in Psychology<span>(R/311/8/0080)(02/2028)(MQA/FA8065)</span>

PhD in Psychology(R/311/8/0080)(02/2028)(MQA/FA8065)

Our PhD in Psychology gives graduates the opportunity to benefit from a vibrant and supportive research environment with internationally recognised researchers. Our labs are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help develop your research, including EEG and related physiological equipment, eye-trackers, observation suites and PC-based testing cubicles.

We would be willing to consider research proposals in a variety of psychology disciplines, but we particularly welcome enquiries from those interested in projects in the following areas:

  • Counselling and Mental Health, especially:
    • Use of mental health apps
  • Forensic Psychology, especially:
    • Aversive personalities
    • Offending and criminal behaviour
    • Investigative interviewing
  • Nutrition and Cognition, especially:
    • Effects of food (nuts, supplements, fruits and vegetables) on cognition
    • Executive functions
  • Perception, especially:
    • Face perception, including health-related judgements
    • Self-face perception, atypical self-representation
    • Judgement and decision-making
    • Effects of nature scenes on cognition
  • Social Psychology, especially:
    • Social psychology of communication
    • Social cognition, attitudes, culture
    • Applied and critical social psychology
  • Vision Science, especially:
    • Vision and cognitive benefits
    • Texture perception


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What to do next?

You must express your interest in studying for a PhD with us by sending your CV and an initial research proposal on the topic that you are thinking of exploring in your PhD to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We shall propose academic staff with interests and expertise in your subject area, and for you to work with them to develop your proposal into an original research project that will move your field forwards. Once a supervisor and suitable research topic have been identified, we will encourage you to submit an application for admission to the PhD programme.

Our school will select and propose qualified academic staff members who possess expertise in your subject area. You will have the opportunity to work with them to refine your proposal and develop it into a novel research project that will make significant contributions to your field. Once you have identified a suitable research topic and supervisor, we will guide and support you in the process of submitting an application for admission to our esteemed PhD programme. 

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