Immerse Yourself With The Diverse Areas of Public and Private Law

Law affects us in every aspect of our lives. From contracts to criminal proceedings, family law to corporate agreements, a LLB degree will give you the ultimate foundation to develop the contrasts that exist in Commonwealth law.

University of Reading Law students are prized by employers who value their critical analysis, intellectual independence and the ability to understand complex situations. It is hoped this programme will be offered at the University of Reading Malaysia in the future.

Currently subject to MOHE approval, this degree will  help you to write and present complex arguments in an objective and critical approach, thus encouraging your independent research and teamwork building skills.

You will learn as much about yourself and your strengths as you will about the legal system.

*Subject to MOHE approval.

Please note that all undergraduate degrees from the University of Reading in the UK and in Malaysia are Honours Degrees.


Entry requirements
A Levels: AAB

International Baccalaureate:
35 points

3 years full-time

Intake dates
To be confirmed.

To be confirmed.


Legal Practice
Legal Counsel

Alternative Career in Law
Corporate Counsel
In-house Advisors
Forensic / Criminal Investigator
Judicial & Legal Services
Corporate Secretary
Journalist / Legal Writer / Editor