Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)<span>(R/0421/6/00008)(06/2029) (MQA/FA12029)</span>

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)(R/0421/6/00008)(06/2029) (MQA/FA12029)

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The University of Reading, which is known for producing law graduates who are well-rounded and highly adaptable, is offering its Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme at its international branch campus in Malaysia, the only branch campus in Malaysia to offer its OWN law degree. The degree is the same as that awarded on the UK campus, following an identical curriculum and stringent quality standards.

The Reading LL.B program offered in the UK holds a strong reputation in Malaysia and is endorsed by the Legal Professional Qualifying Board (LPQB) for the Certificate in Legal Practice Examination (CLP).

The LL.B program offered at University of Reading Malaysia campus is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia (LPQB) to purse the CLP examination. Additionally, we are the only institution offering the CLP and UK Bar routes for our OWN graduates completing the full degree in Malaysia


The law degree offered shall contain a minimum of 12 substantive law subjects which includes the 6 core-subjects. The first and second years of the programme provide the foundation of legal knowledge and are determined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA). In the final year, students can focus on their interests and select from a range of elective modules.

The Reading LLB provides the perfect balance of academic learning and practical experience. One key aspect of the high-quality learning experience is the applied, problem-solving approach to learning in which students are presented with authentic cases to examine and discuss. Students develop a wide range of soft skills such as presentation, argumentation, negotiations and dispute resolution.


Successful pursuit of the law degree at the Malaysia campus qualifies graduates to pursue the Bar Practice Course “BPC” recognised by the Bar Standards Board UK with a view to qualifying as a barrister, or qualifies graduates to pursue the Legal Practice Course “LPC”, with a view to qualifying as a solicitor by the Solicitors Regulation Authority UK.   

This opens up opportunities for our graduates to develop an exciting international career beyond just Malaysia.

Many of our graduates have pursued the BPC in the UK and we support our final year students if they wish to do so.


The degree pursued at the Malaysia Campus is recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB) Malaysia for pursuit of the CLP examination. Details of the approvals can be found at Recognition of LLB at Reading Malaysia Campus (please click here to download the pdf)


Law students at the University of Reading Malaysia benefit from a modern, state-of-the-art campus with a moot court and legal clinic. Students also have access to the spacious and well-equipped Learning Resource Centre (LRC).


Class sizes on the programme are kept small to maintain a high-quality and personalised learning experience. As a consequence, students benefit from the closer relationships they are able to develop with their lecturers and classmates.


Students have an opportunity to engage with a wide network of legal professionals via our external speaker series and industry visits. Recent engagements include:

  • Ministry of Communication and Digital
  • Palace of Justice
  • Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC)
  • Inns of Court Malaysia
  • Legal firm Thomas Philip


The Reading LLB enables graduates to rise quickly whatever their chosen career. A key benefit of studying the Reading LLB are the diverse career avenues on offer which include but are not limited to:

  • Legal profession
  • Private sector, as a corporate lawyer or legal counsel.
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Public sector and NGOs
  • Academia


Students can take advantage of the flexible options which allows them to spend one or even two years at the Reading UK campus.  The School of Law is situated in the historic Foxhill House on the University’s main campus in Reading UK, which is set in 130 hectares of beautiful parkland.  Reading town is conveniently only a 30-minute train ride from London.

For more details of the flexible options to study on the UK campus, visit

Please note that all undergraduate degrees from the University of Reading in the UK and in Malaysia are Honours Degrees.

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Kelynn Lee

My name is Kelynn Lee and I am from Klang, Selangor. I chose to study law at UoRM because of the diverse modules the degree offers at this university.
The UoRM LL.B degree is taught by lecturers who are active and experienced in the legal profession, and - most importantly - passionate about the subjects they teach. The course emphasises real-world application and our lecturers are supportive in helping us embark on our future professional careers. We are tasked with research and legal opinion assignments from our first year, in which we apply our legal knowledge to realistic scenarios and learn about communicating with clients. ... We have also been given the opportunity to engage with current figures and issues in the Malaysian and international legal scene, through extra-curricular seminars and guest lectures.
In addition to gaining knowledge about law, I have learnt to think analytically - not just in an academic capacity, but also in viewing the world around me and day-to-day situations. The UoRM LL.B degree teaches me the importance of both being intellectually curious and developing the skills to utilise the knowledge I possess.
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Loy Kah Joon

Studying Law in UoRM has been an exciting journey filled with enriching experiences. In the early days of Year 1, despite attaining decent grades in both my IGCSE and A-Levels, I was not exactly confident of being able to survive in Law School as I came from a pure-science background. Fortunately, the lecturers were extremely encouraging and did not hesitate to help me whenever I was in need. Most importantly, they had creative ways of teaching (and tons of interesting activities) which helped me to attain a better grasp of the legal concepts in my various modules....
Besides that, the student community in UoRM is also very united and active. I truly enjoyed working together with my fellow schoolmates in the various events organised by student union (RUMSA) and the university.
As I reflect upon all I had experienced in my first year at UoRM, I can now confidently say that I had made the correct choice in studying Law in this prestigious institution. Not only have I improved academically, I also nurtured and developed numerous soft skills along the way which will definitely serve me well in the future.
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Nur Erissa Yasmine Binti Johari Shukri

Hi there, my name is Nur Erissa Yasmine Binti Johari Shukri and I’m a final year student studying the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme. Being a law student at University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) has been fascinating and rewarding all around. The reason why I decided to study at UoRM was due to its stellar reputation. This university serves to decipher students’ competencies and works towards polishing it for an auspicious future. Besides that, I was drawn to its stunning campus which features well-equipped facilities and a spacious place for a pleasant study environment. ... My aspiration when I graduate is to become a corporate lawyer in a distinguished firm. My fervent interest is motivated by my ambition to make a constructive contribution to society and perhaps be willing to assist others through my area of expertise. Thus far, the module that I found interesting is Family Law since it gives a depth sense of one’s family and the part of one’s desire and need to act in it. Accordingly, this module gives actual perspective concerning family issues into the challenges of the court system and client matters. Along with cogitating on the policies underpinning the law. Furthermore, the things that I most enjoy about studying at UoRM are the flexible teaching that has been adapted to the need of the students. For instance, their blended learning initiatives enhance the significance of education in the contemporary environment. Subsequently, the programme exhibits faculty’s sincere devotion to their students’ development. Moreover, the UoRM community is quite inclusive and welcoming, with plentiful options of clubs, societies, and events. Outside of academia, student life in UoRM is unparalleled and I have savoured delving into several aspects of it. As I will be graduating soon in August 2022, it is tough to part ways with a university that gave me a decent platform to flourish in a legal career. My advice to fellow and prospective students would be to approach this experience with an inquisitive mind. Naturally your journey will be much more gratifying if you embrace this rich setting with a positive outlook. Thus, my final advice is to create a bundle of good memories through friendships and connections with the community of UoRM. Show More


Shahiran bin Kamaruzaman

Hello. My name is Shahiran bin Kamaruzaman and I’m a final year student studying Bachelor of Law (LLB). The reason why I decided to study at the University of Reading was because I was interested in attaining a United Kingdom certified degree in Malaysia. This is particularly pertinent in these uncertain times such as the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition, University of Reading is one of the best universities in the world, ranking in the top 1 percent of world universities. ... My aspiration when I graduate is to further my studies and pursue a career in legal academia. So far, the module that I found most interesting is Medical Law because it had always been a subject that has fascinated me as a meeting of both science and law. This interest was further bolstered by a robust syllabus provided by the university that covers a wide variety of issues and topics inherent to the subject. The things that I most enjoy about studying at the university are the facilities provided by the university that ensured a conducive study environment. Furthermore, being supported by dedicated lecturers ensured that I was always encouraged to apply myself to my studies. My advice to fellow and prospective students would be to take a proactive approach in class. Proper engagement with your lecturer can ensure that you properly understand the lessons being taught to you as well as clearing up any confusions that you may face throughout your studies. Show More



Cheow J-Ann

Hello everyone. My name is Cheow J-Ann. I’m a 1st year student studying Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and a High-Achievers Scholarship holder.
The reason why I decided to study at the University of Reading was due to the university providing a well acknowledged law programme with high quality standards in its academic curriculum, further serving my agenda to receive my law degree from a recognised law programme. Subsequently, the student to staff ratio in the university solidified my decision to advance my higher education at the institute as it has a low ratio. Thus, smaller classes are held for students to ask questions and understand the subject taught in a ... more convenient setting. Finally, my aspiration when I graduate is to be an in-house legal advisor for renowned law firms.
So far, the module that I found most interesting is Contract Law because it provides an interesting and in-depth insight to reflecting the very structure of our society mechanisms. In layman terms, contract law allows us to understand what we need to know in keeping and honouring agreements as well as promises. The legal professors who teach us contract law would often entertain not just legal arguments but moral ones to stretch out the student’s minds and arguments out of the conventional boundaries, allowing us to learn what is fair and what is truly necessary for the functioning of our society. Thus, this helps us rethink and rewire our minds about the law in its purest form along with reviewing the world as a series of agreements which is one of the primary reasons why I personally love the module.
The things that I most enjoy about studying at the university is how I am constantly encouraged to work and get out of my comfort zone by participating in the various workshops, clubs, societies and webinars consistently held for students. This allows me to get engaged in activities outside of the classroom and enrich myself with different learning experiences. In addition, the university provides the perfect opportunities and resources for me to connect and relate with people from a scope of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.
My advice to fellow and prospective students for coping with the current pandemic would be to not allow online learning deter you from indulging and exploring your interests as well as strive to make the most of your university life. Although the pandemic has certainly thrust most of us into unfamiliar and unknowable territory, I’m here to tell you that everything always works out in the end so try not to overthink the what-ifs and remember to be proud of yourselves for doing the best you can in balancing everything in life. Remember to always be more forgiving to yourselves during these difficult times and to know in hindsight that every locked door has a key thus we will get through this together.
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Sangitha Gnanaguru

Hello there! My name is Sangitha Gnanaguru and I'm currently a progressing year 1 student in the Bachelor’s of Law (LLB) programme. 
Initially I honestly did not have a clear picture on which university to choose to continue my law degree, but after much research and consideration on the given options of universities locally, the University of Reading Malaysia became my first choice. Reading offers not only a prestigious law degree, but it provides us students with a high-quality teaching and learning experience, as well as dedicated educators....
The small sized, more intimate classes allow both lecturers and students to be more engaged where opinions and thoughts on the law are exchanged at a more interpersonal level. Furthermore, our lecturers' ability to make our classes warm, less intimidating and engaging encourages participation and interaction.

The module I found to be most interesting in my first year is Criminal Law because it has the most direct impact on people's lives. Applying these laws to the people who violate them while not easy, can be gratifying. Although it is said to be the most challenging module, my lecturer (shout out to Mr. Prabu!) made my passion for criminal law and the justice system grow stronger. When I graduate, I aspire to bring my learnings and advices from my educators to succeed in bringing justice and serving the society with the truth, justice, and equality. 

The things that I most enjoy about studying at the university are the study sessions with my classmates in our learning resource centre (LRC) and the continuous support and guidance given by our lecturers.
 My advice to fellow and prospective students would be to always persevere. Consistency and discipline are very important attributes to be acquired where one must also always be able to see situations with a silver lining. The journey may not be easy, but it is worth it for what's to come. Remember, grades are very important, but they do not define your success or who you are. That said, my final advice would be to just do your best in every given situation.
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Dorcas Erieanna Li Lim

Hello. My name is Dorcas and I’m a 2nd progressing 3rd-year student studying Bachelor of Laws (LL.B). The reason why I decided to study at the University of Reading was the high quality of learning and rich diversity in subjects provided, not to mention the prestigious history behind the university itself....
My aspiration when I graduate is to be an outstanding litigator focusing more on civil suits. So far, the module that I found most interesting is Criminal Law because it emulates the reality of human nature, and it is intriguing to understand how the law is ensuring fairness is in play while maintaining balance by considering the inevitable human flaws. The things that I most enjoy about studying at the university are the great activities provided outside the circumference of academics organised by the student association known as RUMSA ( Reading University Malaysia Student Association ) as well as the great support provided by the lecturers to facilitate your growth in studies. My advice to fellow and prospective students would be not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in both academic and non-academic, your university life is supposed to be the place where you make mistakes and grow. Join your new activities, be part of any leadership position and broaden out your social circles but most importantly, enjoy your university life and do your best!.
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