BSc Real Estate(R/341/6/0042)(07/2025)(MQA/FA7578)

The UK’s leading Real Estate Programme now available in Malaysia


Real estate such as offices, shopping malls, factories and houses is the world’s largest and most valuable class of asset. Real estate professionals are trained to actively value, transact, manage and invest in these assets.


There is a high demand for qualified real estate professionals and the diverse career opportunities in the real estate sector include:

  • Real estate investment
  • Property and Asset management
  • Capital markets
  • Commercial and Retail Property Leasing
  • Project and development services
  • Valuation
  • Advisory and consulting
  • City planning

Real estate professionals can choose to work with property developers, institutional real estate investors and property services consultancies. Graduates may also consider developing their careers in the financial industry as there is an increasing demand from financial institutions.


For an introduction to the programme by the Henley faculty in Malaysia please watch the video below produced by the STAR newspaper. The original article can be found HERE


The Real Estate programme offered at the Henley Business School is consistently ranked #1 in the UK for Land and Property Management by The Complete University Guide. The programme offered in Malaysia is identical to the degree programme in the UK, following the same quality and standards.


The programme is uniquely the only one in Malaysia with recognition from the following four professional bodies:

  • BOVAEP (the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia)
  • RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK)
  • RISM (the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia)
  • SISV (the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers)

The recognition enables graduates to have the widest set of opportunities to work in the region and globally.


Students have many opportunities for internship and are encouraged to do so during the Summer break to gain industry experience.

Yeoh Fang Rui, BSc in Real Estate student.

My Name is Yeoh Fang Rui and I am a Final Year Student in BSc(Hons) Real Estate. During my summer break, I had the privilege to be offered an internship under Centre Management Services in Sunway Group. In this department, I have gained many valuable insights regarding the planning, development,... coordination, management, and enhancement of retail malls.
Besides, I also had cross exposure training under Operations, Technical Services and Marketing. In Operations, I was taught how to identify and solve operational issues within the mall. I was also involved in several pre-opening inspections and was taught to identify and avoid any potential operational issues that may arise. In Technical Services, I was given a detailed tour around Sunway Pyramid to thoroughly understand what are the technical systems within a mall and their respective functions. Lastly in Marketing, I was given a task to research about the Upcoming E-Commerce and O2O trends.
My internship journey contained many elements that relates to what I have learnt in UoRM especially in the planning and management context; being on the field certainly was an eye opener for me. Here I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my seniors for their patient guidance and unconditional support throughout my internship. I would also like to specially thank Mr KS Wong for his mentorship and for always going the extra mile to provide me with a wholesome internship experience. I truly enjoyed my time at Sunway.
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Daphne You, BSc in Real Estate student.

I am Daphne and I am a 2nd Year BSc Real Estate student at the University of Reading Malaysia.
This summer break I had the privilege to intern at KGV International Property Consultants in Johor Bahru. My internship at KGV has been a real ...eye-opening experience. As a Property Valuation Executive intern, I had the opportunity to handle different cases by myself and also to be directly involved in different stages of the valuation process, from inspection to drafting valuation reports. Moreover, KGV has also taught me how to better manage my work and to prioritize deadlines.
I found that the Real Estate program offered at UORM is well structured and beneficial. Students at UORM have abundant opportunities to engage with practitioners through weekly guest lectures and field trips organized by the School. Besides, students get to work on real-life projects so that they can be fully prepared and familiar with the local context.
The internship at KGV was filled with valuable experiences and unforgettable memories. I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues for their continuous guidance and support throughout my internship. I’m also truly grateful to KGV for welcoming me into their family and preparing me for my professional career after graduation.
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Sylvia Hii, BSc in Real Estate student.

Hi, my name is Sylvia, a second year BSc Real Estate student at UoRM and I’m currently doing my summer internship in the property management department at Hartamas Asset Management Sdn Bhd.
Interning with Hartamas had given me the chance to explore so much more about the real estate sector than I’m able to learn in the classroom. It’s a great opportunity for me as I was ... able to develop practical skills and gain valuable hands-on experience in property management aspect such as liaising with contractors, building owner as well as tenants, monitoring the condition of property and also recommending on ways of improving the assets and facilities.
The BSc Real Estate program at UoRM really benefited me a lot in my internship. The lecturers are all experienced and highly qualified. They always deliver high-quality lectures with a combination of their real-life experiences which provide us with deeper understanding of the content. In addition, they are very helpful, approachable and supportive as they provide speedy and useful feedback when we face any problems in studies. Moreover, I truly appreciate the various guest lectures by professionals to share their real-world experiences in the industry. As a student at UoRM, I had been given many opportunities to build connections with professionals in the industry, get the insight and viewpoint of their area of expertise as well as getting helpful advice which are beneficial and useful in planning for my future career.
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Maegan Khoo, BSc in Real Estate student.

I am Maegan from University of Reading and currently studying BSc Real Estate Year 2. I am doing my internship in Hartamas Real Estate in the Industrial Property Department.
I am assigned four main job scopes which are cold-calling owners of factories/warehouses/land in Klang Valley and communicate with owners to rent or sell their properties ...for more details such as build-up area, land area and power supply. I will also make cold-calls to targeted clients for their requirements, advertising listing on the portal and prepare proposals for clients. I will follow my superior and colleagues for site visits and they are always willing to teach me about property details I have to pay attention to, such as building specifications (ceiling height, load bearing, security and setback), land matters, government applications and local authority regulations. They give me many opportunities to handle real life cases, which I am very grateful.
The knowledge I have learnt in my course are so useful and applicable to my internship. Besides, our lectures always shares their real-life experience and motivate us to learn from every aspect of real estate, not only valuation but also management and agency. I have a great student experience in UORM as they provide us with a conducive learning environment and highly-qualified professional lecturers.
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Employers Feedback on Students

Mr Eric Lim, Managing Director,Hartamas Real Estate Group

As a key player within the real estate industry, we acknowledge the importance of providing valuable internship experience to aspiring students who wish to pursue a career within the industry. We pride in being able to provide high quality training and guidance, as well as hands-on working experience to interns who chose Hartamas Real Estate Group to do their internship placement with.

During their internship, both Sylvia (Asset Management Intern) and Maegan (Industrial Property Intern) are exposed to real-life cases, with professional guidance from their respective superiors and colleagues to carry out their respective job tasks. They have showed enthusiasm and passion in their work and are eager to learn new knowledge. They are also hardworking and diligent with a positive working attitude. With the experiences gained through their internship placement within Hartamas Real Estate Group, they will definitely be able to excel in their future real estate career path.


Students have ample opportunity to get industry exposure and engage with practitioners and industry experts through events and workshops organised by the School.

Graduate Success

Tew Kai Siang, BSc in Real Estate (2020).

My name is Kai Siang, I'm currently a Valuation Executive and Probationary Valuer in Rahim & Co International Sdn Bhd (Johor Bahru Branch). My work involves valuation of residential, commercial, industrial properties and vacant land for agriculture, industrial, residential uses. I've stepped into this field for a year and it is very challenging but exciting. Throughout the years in the University of Reading Malaysia, we've been trained to be a professional in real estate in many sectors. ... The learning materials provided are diverse, we are taught to think critically and how we can apply the knowledge in the local market too. The lecturers also provide us with comprehensive learning experience, more than just knowledge in the books. They invited guest speakers who are leading experts in different real estate sectors such as property management, valuation, leasing, agency and more. Their sharing of experiences always inspire me.Show More

Shaun Yee, BSc in Real Estate (2018).

As the pioneer batch of students who joined University of Reading Malaysia at the inception of its BSc Real Estate course back in 2015, I continue to look back proudly as an alumnus and affirm it was the right degree choice after joining the workforce for 3 years.
Currently, I am a Senior Executive serving the Advisory & Transactions (A&T) business line within CBRE|WTW, specialising in Office Leasing and Capital Markets. Key deliverables of my role include formulating and ... executing bespoke real estate strategies via process-driven approaches to achieve optimum transaction outcomes for clients. It's no doubt a challenging but immensely rewarding role.
To provide the best advisory services to clients, an in-depth understanding of the multiple facets of real estate including law, investment, valuation and asset management is essential. In hindsight, the BSc Real Estate programme lays a solid foundation on these topics, providing me with the skill sets and necessary accreditation to navigate my career in A&T.
Through the University's offering, I had the opportunity to further my degree in the UK as well. Throughout my degree, the lecturers provided great support both in terms of academic resources and opportunities for hands-on industry application.
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Alison Koon, Graduate of BSc Real Estate (2019).

With the great reputation and extensive coverage of curricular offered by University of Reading, I managed to secure internship and job opportunities overseas in both Knight Frank Indonesia and JLL Czech Republic upon my graduation in 2019. After spending some time abroad, I have recently returned to Malaysia and joined a local boutique developer, Triterra Sdn Bhd, as a business development executive. My current responsibilities revolve around working on feasibility studies for potential new projects, cost tracking, market research, and strategic planning. ...
My studies in UoRM have allowed me to develop a strong foundation of the real estate industry both locally and internationally. As the curricular offered is identical to the programme in the UK, this allowed me to easily adapt to my work when I was working in Europe as a part-time valuer in JLL Czech Republic. Apart from this, we also had many real-life teaching and off-campus learning activities, including hands-on learning on asset management from Sutera Mall and a study trip to Korea visiting The Seoul Institute on urban planning in Korea. This helped us to better visualise what we learned from books. Nevertheless, credit goes to our passionate lecturers that are ever helpful and patient to provide guidance and advice throughout the years!
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Debra Susan Gallon, Graduate of BSc Real Estate (2019).

"Hello. My name is Debra Susan Gallon and I graduated with a degree in Real Estate in 2019.
I’m currently working as a World Occupier Services (WOS) Executive for Savills (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a UK based real estate consulting firm located in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. The most interesting aspect of my job involves office viewings, scrutinizing building specifications and contractual terms (mind you, it’s actually very intriguing!) and dabbling with programs for proposal presentations.
What I found most beneficial to my career from the programme at UoRM was that it has helped me develop problem solving skills through critical thinking (Academic Skills was a compulsory subject during Foundation, thank you) and preparing myself for the workforce with work-related experiences ... shared by Henley Business School Malaysia’s lecturers through site visits and in-class topic related examples. My advice to current and prospective students would be to see every opportunity as a learning experience. If you don’t know it, you find out. It has all been done before – dig the past, do your research. See what worked and how things can improve. As mentioned by Santayana, G. (1905), “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Show More

From left: Shawn Foo, Sr Samuel Tan (Executive Director), Daphne You and Terry Law

Terry Law, Graduate of BSc Real Estate (2019).

"Hey! My name is Terry and I graduated with a degree in Real Estate, University of Reading in 2019. I’m currently working as a valuation executive for KGV International Property Consultant located in Johor Bahru. My job routine includes valuation of all kind of properties such as residential and commercial buildings for either loan financing, foreclosure, management or stamp duty appeal purposes. Moreover, I would also engage with ... bankers to estimate the market value of properties. Apart from these, taking good care of the interns by mentoring and providing them the right hands-on knowledge in this industry is also part of my job. For instance, I am really glad that I have the opportunity to provide my experiences and practical knowledge to both Shawn and Daphne who also from UoRM during their internship at my firm.
The Real Estate programme offered at University of Reading is very well-structured and it gives diverse exposures to the local real estate industry. What I learned from the programme is closely linked to my career, especially the Project modules in Year 1 to Year 3. The Project modules allows us to construct comprehensive valuation reports that analyse both investment and market value of real-life buildings has significantly provided me a great head-start in my career. I would like to say thanks to all my lecturers as they provided me the needed skillsets and knowledge to succeed in my real estate career.
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Choo Li Min, BSc (Hons) in Real Estate (2019).

"Hello. My name is Choo Li Min and I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Real Estate in 2019.I’m currently working as a valuation executive for Nawawi Tie Leung Real Estate Consultant located in Kuala Lumpur.
The most interesting aspect of my job involves valuation of all properties for loan financing and financial reporting (FRS) purposes. What I found most beneficial to my career from the programme at UoRM was - ... “As a fresh graduate of University of Reading Malaysia, the periodical exposure to real estate practitioners (I.e. Malaysia local market players, field trip to Seoul, weekly talk etc arranged by Henley Business school, Faculty of Real Estate, to visiting lecturers’ teachings and transnational Internship experience in Jakarta have provided to me some eye-opening insights. As well as my fellow lecturers’ gracious effort, affects eternity; endless influences; inspirational; and a friend simultaneously. My good wishes for you, my fellow lecturers.” My advice to current and prospective students would be “a dream inside me, I am confident: they keep talking, you keep walking !” Show More

Ashley Goh Qian Ying, BSc Real Estate graduate (2019), winner of the CBRE|WTW Student Award.

"My name is Ashley and I am working as a Transactional Executive in the Advisory & Transactional Services department of CBRE| WTW Johor....
The Real Estate programme offered at University of Reading Malaysia is very well-structured and it exposes students to broad range of real estate-related knowledge such as Management, Valuation, Town Planning, Property Laws, and Finance. The programme opens up abundant career opportunities as it is accredited by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia (BOVAEP), the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK (RICS), the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), and the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV).
The University of Reading Malaysia works closely with industrial players to make sure the syllabus is relevant to the dynamic nature of the real estate industry. Although the programme is taught based on the UK context, various industrial talks and seminars are organised by the lecturers to make sure students are familiar with the local context and get hands-on knowledge in this industry. Having prominent industrial professionals to give talks and sharing sessions to the students is also an excellent opportunity for students to engage with professional mentors or their future employers and to build networks within their profession.
In terms of the reality of work life, from my experience, the actual work life in the company is exactly what I expected it to be. The supportive working environment in CBRE|WTW allows everyone to have the opportunity to learn and grow in their career."
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Natasha Abd Rahim, BSc Real Estate graduate (2018), First Class Honours

The programme has become the preferred option for budding real-estate professionals such as Natasha Abd Rahim, who graduated with a First Class Honours in 2018.

"I chose to study BSc Real Estate at the University of Reading Malaysia due to the course reputation and graduating with a UK degree that gives exposure to the local real estate industry.... I thoroughly enjoyed the degree programme with the smaller class sizes and hands-on coursework. We had memorable site visits and numerous guest lectures from industry professionals which exposed us to the vast range of real estate opportunities. Through this we broadened our network and secured internships and even job offers upon graduation. The degree definitely provided me with the needed skillsets to succeed in my real estate career”.Show More

Year 1
Core modules include:

  • General Introduction to Law
  • Introduction to Property Law
  • Introduction to Planning and Building
  • Introductory Economics for Business and Finance
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Projects in Real Estate and Planning I

Year 2
Core modules include:

  • Applied Property Law
  • Management in the Real Estate Sector
  • Planning Law and Practice
  • Projects in Real Estate and Planning II
  • Property Valuation
  • Real Estate Economics and Investment

Year 3
Core modules include:

  • Applied Valuation
  • Projects in Appraisal and Management
  • Dissertation (optional)
  • Development Appraisal and Finance
  • Real Estate Asset Management
  • Finance and Markets (optional)
  • Investment Strategy and Management

Please note that all modules are subject to change.

As well as offering a direct route into the property and planning professions, our programme provides a solid foundation on which to build a career in a wide range of other fields, such as finance, law, general management or consultancy, and opens up opportunities for further academic study.

Typical roles include:

  • Real Estate Valuer
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agent And Leasing Manager
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Commercial Real Estate Consultant
  • Retail and Commercial Facilities Manager
  • Real Estate Investment Fund Manager
  • Real Estate Portfolio Manager
  • Town Planner
  • Auctioneer
  • Arbitrator
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer
  • Corporate Real Estate Professional
  • Real Estate Investment Analyst


1. International Foundation Programme:
SPM, IGCSE and equivalent holders can enrol onto the International Foundation Programme as a pathway to this programme.
2. Direct entry with STPM/A Levels* with grades: BBB
*We also (subject to conditions) accept Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), International Baccalaureate (IB), Australian Matriculation and Exams, Canadian Pre-U and Exams, Internationally Recognised Diploma and Foundation and other relevant qualification accredited and recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Kindly contact us for further details on the entry requirements


English Language Requirement**:
Grade B or higher at SPM English 1119/IGCSE English
IELTS: Band 6.5 with no component below 5.5 or equivalent.

**University English courses are available for students with English grade below B or IELTS 6.5

3 years
April*, July and September
(*subject to terms and conditions)

RM 37,600 per annum

International Students:
RM 45,200 per annum


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