BSc Quantity Surveying<span>(R/526/6/0145)(07/2025)(MQA/FA7112)</span>

BSc Quantity Surveying(R/526/6/0145)(07/2025)(MQA/FA7112)

The BSc in Quantity Surveying offered at the School of the Built Environment at the Malaysia campusis exactly the same degree offered on our UK campus and provides a great start to a dynamic career in the building and construction industry.


The School of the Built Environment at Reading University is highly-respected as one of the preeminent schools for building and construction with a reputation for academic excellence and world-leading research. The school was ranked 4th in the UK for Building by the Complete University Guide 2020. Learn more about the SCHOOL OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT at the MALAYSIA CAMPUS.


Quantity Surveyors are in high demand, particularly in fast-developing economies where there is a significant amount of building and construction. Quantity Surveyors play a key role across the entire project lifecycle including estimation, costing, contracts, project management and value engineering.

Learn more about the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES in QS.


The QS programme offered is one the few programmes in the world that is recognised by four major professional bodies internationally, including:

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
  • Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM)
  • Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS)

This enables students to work across the global including in the UK, Australia and Singapore.


Dr. Celine, Programme Lead, answers some of the frequently asked questions about QS and our programme in the video below


The curriculum at Reading is distinct in developing both practical and management skills. Students not only gain practical skills in quantity surveying but also develop broader knowledge around construction management that prepare them for leadership positions in the future.


Our graduates enjoy excellent employability with many receiving job offers before graduation. Our graduates work for a variety of firms, both large and small.  Some of our graduates are now working internationally, for example, in Singapore and the UK.


The QS programme at Reading is designed by expert faculty members involving a multi-disciplinary team of leading academicians and seasoned industry practictioners. Click here to find out more about our school and faculty members


Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) lounge exposes students to the latest technological developments in the field.  On graduation, students are awarded an additional Certificate in BIM from Reading and Exactal, producers of CostX BIM software.

Students have excellent tools and facilities available to them, including virtual reality and 3D printers.



Our students have ample opportunity to gain work experience and industry exposure through internships. In recent years, 100% of our students undertake an internship, typically between year 2 and 3. Firms that have provided internships include AECOM, Turner and Townsend, ARCADIS, MMC-Gamuda, SP Setia, Sunway Construction Group and EcoWorld.




The Malaysia campus organises and participates in a variety of professional development workshops which enable students to get exposed to the industry and engage with industry experts.



Our students participate in a variety of workshops, events, competitions and other professional activities; some of our students have been recognised for their outstanding work and talent.



JMuhammad Irfan bin Mohd Farid, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2022.
The reason why I decided to study at the University of Reading is because it is recognised for its excellence in teaching, research, 75th ranking in the world for international outlook (THE 2020) and are recognised by the four major professional bodies internationally, including RICS, CIOB, BQSM, and PAQS. My aspiration when I graduate is to fully apply both of my practical and management skills gained from UoRM and gather as much experience as possible to be admitted as a Full Member of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), completing and passing all the examinations and interviews, to get the prefix professional title of 'Sr'....
So far, the module that I found most interesting is CE3CPQ: Project QS because it helps us apply all the other modules throughout the degree and helps us understand how a construction project works, scoping from construction detail design, cost estimates and forecast, and project management. The things that I most enjoy about studying at the university are that it teaches the most important tenets in life which are knowledge, intellectual diversity, and freedom of speech. I also enjoy how the university engaged in the student’s involvement with the industry and professional bodies internationally. My advice to fellow and prospective students would be to never restrict yourself to the possibilities that are presented to you in order to acquire other useful skills and competences. Additionally, if you have any questions or need greater clarification, always ask. The ability to adapt to your surroundings depends on your willingness to learn and work with people from varied backgrounds.
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Zhen Ming, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2022.
Hi I’m Zhen Ming. It was the time in my life where I am to decide which higher education institution would be able to offer the courses that are of interest to me. I was in the car, with my dad, and heard on the radio about the Open Day which the University is organizing. We decided to visit the University on its Open Day. I had the pleasure to meet the Head of Build Environment, Dr Bruno Lot Tanko and a Lecturer in Built Environment, Dr Mustafa Klufallah. They were very happy to chat with me, as a prospective student then. I felt comfortable, knowing that I would potentially spend my next 3 years with them. A few days later, I applied to be an undergraduate student in the School of Built Environment....
My most memorable module is Quantification for Infrastructure in Civil Engineering works. This module has a lot of practical exercises that allow me to apply what I have studied. I am particularly very interested and passionate about drafting up Bills of Quantities based on construction drawings. The other module that left a profound mark on me is Career Development. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, I had to perform my internship remotely for 2 months, and 1 month on-site at Pakatan Ukur Bahan Sdn. Bhd. Imagine having to have zoom calls with your seniors for 5 minutes, instead of just popping by besides them to ask a quick question or get some quick advice. During my internship, I did Taking Off, perform site measurements and prepared quotations. It was challenging but nevertheless very enlightening and fulfilling. I very much enjoyed having a group of course-mates to work on group assignments together. We share knowledge and exchange thoughts throughout the 3 years. We learn more as a team. In addition to studying, I also like to organize student activities and events, in collaboration with the School of Built Environment. Fast forward 3 years later, I graduated with First Class Honour Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying, Class of 2022. With this degree in my hands now, I aspire to work as a Quantity Surveyor, accumulate my work experience in this field, to be a Professional Quantity Surveyor. My advice to prospective students would be to be persistent in believing that you can achieve what you set your mind to do. Even when at times, when pressure and stress levels skyrocket, take a breather and remember your passion and interest, that would eventually lead you to success.
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Joel Shayalan, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2021.
Hello. My name is Joel Shayalan and I graduated with a degree in BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying in 2021. I’m currently working as a Graduate Quantity Surveyor for DDS (UK) Consulting Ltd located in the United Kingdom. The most interesting aspect of my job involves having to work with different people for every project.
What I found most beneficial to my career from the programme at UoRM was that the courses challenge you to think outside of the box. This has helped me to be quick-witted which is great when dealing with clients and contractors....
My advice to current and prospective students would be "Don't be afraid of being afraid. Sometimes the one thing you need for growth is the one thing you are most afraid to do
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Ting Jia En, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2021.
Hi everyone! I’m Jia En and I graduated with first-class honours in the BSc Quantity Surveying programme in 2021. University of Reading Malaysia has provided me with a great avenue to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge supported by the professional teaching skills and invaluable guidance of my lecturers throughout the learning process. Previously, I had undertaken my industrial placement as an intern in JQS International Sdn Bhd which allowed me to gain insightful experience and exposure in the construction realm. My major responsibilities in the company included cost estimation, quantification and ...the preparation of tender documents. On top of that, the teaching syllabus provided by the university is well structured and incorporated advanced modules involving Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is now an emerging tool to be used in the construction industry. Enhancing ourselves with advanced technology skills and gaining practical experience will bring numerous benefits for our future career development. I am beyond thankful for what I have gained throughout my journey in University of Reading Malaysia. Show More


Hi, I am Chok Fui Yin and I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying in 2021. I completed 3 months of industrial placement at CSL QS Consult during my Year 2. The placement helped me recognise some of my shortcomings and led me to improve my skillset from many perspectives that will assist my future development. The experience has also helped me adapt to the workings of the construction industry before actually stepping in.
As a trainee, my job scope covered various tasks including measurement, preparation of tender and contract document, production of bill of quantities (BQ), arithmetical checking, and more. Although the work was sometimes challenging, these practical experiences and the knowledge gained are precious....My placement experience has helped me to always prepare myself for all kinds of challenges and to learn from them. Viewing challenges as opportunities is an important part of self-improvement and self-development.
Lastly, I really appreciate the modules on the Quantity Surveying programme at University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) that have really broadened my thinking. The program modules have assisted me in developing essential measurement method skills, construction knowledge and gaining hands-on experience. The actual projects and assignments I did during the course taught me a lot about not just the theory of construction but also the practice. To improve students’ BIM-related knowledge and skills, the programme also provided students access to various BIM modelling software with BIM-based workshops by industry professionals. For me, I am so grateful that I am able to learn these during my studies in UoRM which has successfully prepared me on my journey to becoming a qualified quantity surveyor.
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Rufaro Praise Mapungwana, BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying – (2019/2020)

At the point when I accepted the opportunity to study abroad, I needed to learn new things about Asia. The University of Reading Malaysia has been preparing me to be the person I am now. I understand myself and others better through this journey.
Studying Quantity Surveying has been very fascinating as the University is profoundly equipped with innovative resources which have been making my studies very exciting.... Besides just learning about the equipment used in the construction industry for estimation, we have got a chance to use them which has been proven to be helpful. The classes are also small. The lecturers are available to help every one of us when we have questions and they are friendly as well. The University also teaches the most important tenets in life which are knowledge, intellectual diversity, and freedom of speech.
The University of Reading Malaysia is the best decision I have ever made as it has taught me to think autonomously and utilise the information that I have picked up for my future in the field. I have no doubt that the University of Reading degree will assist me in improving my employability when I return to work in my country of origin.
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Nur Sabrina Fatin binti Muhammad Azahar BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying – (2019/2020)

I had never heard of the term ‘quantity surveyor’ until my parents encouraged me to further my study in this profession due to its high demand. I started to become interested in this programme in Year 2 where I learnt that quantity surveying undergraduates do not have to only understand the scope of quantity surveying, but the roles of other construction players too like architects and engineers. Most importantly, this programme has trained me to think outside the box.... I gained valuable experience through the industrial placement—thank you to the University for this rare opportunity. I would not hesitate to say that BSc Quantity Surveying programme at the University of Reading Malaysia is the best quantity surveying programme in Malaysia.Show More


Chan Cheng Woon, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2020.

I earnestly enjoyed the BSc Quantity Surveying programme at the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM), finding it both challenging and rewarding. I truly admire the hand-on practical experience and the teaching skills of the lecturers.
I currently work as a Quantity Surveyor in Xing Guang Construction, a construction firm that is in Johor Bahru. Being a fresh graduate, I was extremely astonished and grateful to have received an employment offer within one month of job-seeking especially during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.
My major responsibilities at the construction firm include ... providing project cost and budget estimation, tracking materials on site as well as liaising with the contractual parties. I owe a part of my on-going career success to the many experiences I gained while studying the QS programme at UoRM. UoRM offers well-structured and multi-perspective modules including Building Information Modelling (BIM) software applications and research projects.
I highly recommend this programme to people with an interest in quantity surveying, BIM and digital construction.
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Simon Khit Jin Wei, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2020.

Hi, I am Simon Khit Jin Wei, a graduate of BSc Quantity Surveying degree, 2020. I would like to commend the excellent teaching quality of the University of Reading Malaysia. I had classmates from different backgrounds and cultures which conveys one of the most unforgettable experiences at the university.
I am currently working as a Project Executive in Total QS Services, a quantity surveying consultancy firm located in Johor Bahru. The entire job-seeking process stretched over a period of about 3 months. Generally, my job scope covers different types of tasks for different ... construction projects including measurement, preparation of interim valuations, preparation of tender documents, costing and so on. These valuable experience and practical industrial knowledge are so beneficial and exciting at the same time.
The theoretical and practical knowledge taught by experienced lecturers allowed me to develop exceptional skills and enabled me to be more prepared for the industry. The programme modules have not only equipped me with the essential construction-related knowledge but also allowed me to learn and know different BIM modelling and measurement software. The field experiments in some modules such as Construction Site Engineering and Empirical Studies have given me the confidence and ability to conduct hands-on experiments. Besides the knowledge and skills, the constant guidance and support from experienced lectures have really helped me. In my opinion, it is important that you do not limit yourselves to opportunities that are presented to you so that you may achieve other valuable skillsets. Moreover, always ask questions when you do not understand or need further clarifications. The willingness to flexibly learn and work with people from different background is equally important as this allows you to adapt to your environment.
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Koh Jen Quan, BSc Quantity Surveying, 2020.

Hi, I’m Koh Jen Quan (Jeffrey), one of the 2020 Quantity Surveying graduates from the School of Built Environment, University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM). My time at UoRM was so spectacular! The university’s environment and blended learning platforms make studying so exciting. It is the best place to develop both academic and personal skills. I currently work as a Quantity Surveyor dealing with measurement and costing of construction works at a renowned construction company ... ‘China State Construction Engineering (M) SDN BHD’ located in Kuala Lumpur.
Throughout my quantity surveying experience at UoRM and University of Reading, UK, I was fortunate to have a group of vibrant lecturers and classmates that were willing to interact, collaborate and share knowledge. The Quantity Surveying programme has helped us develop construction knowledge and work-related skills while dealing with tenders and projects. The programme provides some modules as well as BIM-based software seminars and training which help to improve my leadership, teamwork and technical skills. For me, these aspects are the most beneficial to my future career.
Regardless of whether we are studying or working, “play hard when you play; work hard when you work”, quotes by Theodore Roosevelt. I enjoy the moments without regret and feels grateful after graduating. My final advice to UoRM students is ‘always get READY’.
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Chiam Tat Zee, Project Executive, Baharuddin Ali and Low Sdn Bhd, Malaysia - BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying – Graduate in 2019

Exactly three months after I graduated from the University of Reading Malaysia, I started working at Baharuddin Ali and Low Sdn Bhd, which is one of the pioneer quantity surveying (QS) consultancy firms in Malaysia. As Building Information Modelling (BIM) is getting more and more prominent in the construction industry, the firm joins in the trend to become one of the top QS service providers that uses BIM-based software. ... I am very grateful that my studies at the University have helped to build a solid foundation for me to cope with the technological and professional demands of the industry and it has gaven me a better advantage than others to work at the firm. In addition to the curriculum, various activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, site visits, and poster competitions have helped to improved my technical knowledge and interpersonal skills which in turn prepared me to be a competent quantity surveying graduate.Show More


Lau Xue Hai, Quantity Surveyor, Dynaciate Group, Malaysia - BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying – Graduate in 2019

I am currently working as a quantity surveyor for Dynaciate Group, which is a construction engineering firm in Malaysia. In my line of work, I am often required to meet with clients to understand their needs. The University of Reading Malaysia has helped to improve my interpersonal and communication skills in this regard. During my studies at the University of Reading Malaysia, we were often required to work in groups as well as to deliver presentations. ...This has taught me how to appropriately conduct myself in various situations such as project meetings and sessions that require public speaking skills.
Through the modules I learnt at the University, I’ve managed to equip myself with the core knowledge of quantity surveying and construction works, such as quantification and costing, construction site engineering, and construction technology. These skills allow me to adapt to the working environment and understand the details of various projects easily. During my studies at the University, I also learned to use various softwares such as Autodesk Revit, CostX, and Navisworks. The industrial placement provided me with a real-life working experience that prepared me for my employment upon graduation. I am thankful to the University of Reading Malaysia for everything that I have gained during my studies.
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Peh Joey, Quantity Surveyor, Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore - BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying – Graduate in 2019

I am now working as a quantity surveyor at Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd. Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd is a construction firm in Singapore that was established thirty years ago, specialising in piling works, earthworks, drainage works, roads and bridges, sewer works, and many other construction works. The firm was also involved in a number of renowned projects such as airport and outdoor theatre projects.... As a quantity surveyor in the firm, I am responsible for contract administration and cost estimating of the construction projects. Apart from the curriculum that was taught at the University of Reading Malaysia, the site visits, seminars, and industrial placement opportunity have enabled me to apply the practical and interpersonal skills at work. I am now more confident to communicate with people at my workplace. I am glad that I made the right decision to study at the University of Reading Malaysia.Show More


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