BSc Accounting & Finance<span>(R/343/6/0214)(08/2028)(MQA/FA8518)</span>

BSc Accounting & Finance(R/343/6/0214)(08/2028)(MQA/FA8518)

Fastest Route to Chartered Accountancy


Accounting and finance professionals are in high demand and is an excellent career choice with plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Professionals can develop their careers in multiple roles including as a:

  • Chartered accountant
  • Auditor
  • Tax consultant
  • Business advisor
  • Financial controller
  • Banker
  • Management consultant

Furthermore, International financial hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York attract global talent, meaning that accounting and finance provides global career opportunities like few other professions can.


Henley Business School has partnered with ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), one of the world’s leading professional membership organisations in accountancy, finance and business, to create the Henley-ICAEW Programme (HIP).

“ICAEW Chartered Accountants are recognised world-wide and sit on the Boards of 78% of FTSE 100 companies” (ICAEW).

HIP is a unique integrated and career-focused programme with features that set it apart from other accounting and finance programmes available elsewhere.

Graduates from HIP are work-ready, highly employable, and stand out from the crowd of other graduates.

Download the HIP brochure here .


Students receive 3 qualifications rather than one!

  • The prestigious BSc Accounting and Finance degree from the Henley Business School.
  • The ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) which they can show potential employers.
  • The ICAEW BFP (Business and Finance Professional) designation and can use the letters ‘BFP’ after their name.


HIP provides students with a full work placement in Year 3, where they gain valuable work experience. Students get a unique opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom, and develop the practical skills associated with working on real-life projects, engaging with clients and working in a professional environment. A minimum placement period of 9 months enables students to harness these skills over a period of time, giving them a distinctive advantage upon graduation compared with other graduates.

Students are typically placed in one of the prestigious “Big 6” professional services firms in Malaysia, major banks and other reputable firms which are ICAEW Authorised Training Employers (ATE).

Companies where our students have been placed include:

  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte
  • PWC
  • BDO
  • Grant Thornton

Some students are even given conditional offers of full employment immediately after they complete the programme by the companies where they are placed!


Working closely with our industry partners and network of ICAEW ATEs, we have a 100% track-record of industry work placement.


The programme has outstanding employability; the vast majority of our students secure job offers even before graduation!


Students get a fast-track to chartered accountant status with ICAEW, known as ICAEW ACA. With HIP, students get:

  • Maximum Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) on 8 ICAEW papers.
  • Fee waiversof approximately 1000 UK pounds in exemption and registration fees.
  • 1 year credit for prior work experience (based on their industry work placement in Year 3).


Some of the key advantages of ICAEW membership are as follows:

  • 96 of the world’s 100 global brands employ ICAEW Chartered Accountants
  • There are over 200 Authorised Training Employers (ATEs) in Malaysia
  • 100% of ICAEW students in Malaysia are employed after successfully completing the Professional level.
  • ICAEW is a member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide and the Global Accounting Alliance, which allows ICAEW Chartered Accountants to practice in countries such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia.
  • You will join a network of prestigious leaders - many of the managing partners of the most prominent professional services firms are ICAEW Chartered Accountants

 Watch the following video to learn more about the advantages of ICAEW membership and how it can help build a successful and resilient career in accounting and finance.


Aside from the prestige of a UK degree from the Henley Business School, ICAEW has reciprocal memberships with professional bodies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. An ICAEW ACA can therefore practice accountancy in these countries without necessarily taking examinations with them. So HIP really is the best option for a global career.


Our degree is recognised by all 3 of the world’s leading professional membership organisations.


Many of our graduates end up joining their placement providers as permanent employees or find positions with other reputable firms. A number of our graduates have won prestigious awards and prizes.  



If you would like to know more about the HIP programme, please contact the Programme Lead Dr Evelita Estela Celis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Graduate Success

Randy Tong Wei Teck, BSc Accounting and Finance, 2021.

One of the benefits while pursuing my Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Reading Malaysia was the one year placement programme. This programme has provided me with a great opportunity to gain experience and understand the role of an audit associate and a tax associate. It has also allowed me to better understand the working culture within the Accounting industry. During the one year internship, I was assigned to a variety of tasks and was able to work with different seniors and managers. It is my pleasure to have the chance to learn from these seniors and to get to know them better order to enhance teamwork. In addition, another interesting aspect was dealing with different clients while performing the assigned tasks. Throughout the programme, I am able to improve my interpersonal skills and gain more working experience in the Accounting industry. These benefits are really useful for my future career.Show More


Koh Wei Shan, BSc Accounting and Finance, 2021 (person in the middle in the photo)

As a student, I faced the dilemma of choosing a career that suits me. What am I passionate about and how do I choose a career which is aligned with my passion? Accounting and Finance is one of the high demand careers with many different options and opportunities to explore as a working professional. ...
This is why I find myself lucky to graduate with the BSc Accounting and Finance from the University of Reading! Especially with the Henley-ICAEW Programme (HIP), I had the opportunity to undertake my industry work placement as an Assurance Placement Trainee in Ernst & Young, Johor Bahru. During my placement, I was able to explore various industries and carry out audit procedures from planning and execution through to completion.
At the same time, my soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, business etiquette and confidence level have been enhanced, given the experience of working with people from different levels in an organisation as well as engaging with clients. I was also able to build a network that gave me valuable insights into different fields and advice on self-improvement.
The HIP programme allows students to graduate with a Business Finance Professional (BFP) designation and ICAEW CFAB qualification which is essential for my career in the future. Topping up with the industry work placement, I will be ready for the workforce.
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Goh Wei Tat. BSc Accounting and Finance, 2021.

Hi! My name is Wei Tat and I have graduated with a first class honours in BSc Accounting and Finance in 2021. Previously, I worked as an Audit Placement Trainee in Ernst & Young PLT Johor Bahru during my placement year. Working as an audit intern for a full year has enabled me to gain exposure towards the audit industry and its culture. My job includes a variety of tasks such as test of controls, substantive testing, test of balance sheet items and statutory audits. Working as a public accountant allows me to have an insight on the ... operations of different companies from different industries. The most challenging part of working in the audit industry would be keeping the work-life balance in check. Thus, it is the perfect opportunity to train my ability to work under pressure. Gaining hands-on experience is always an added advantage and perhaps the best way to prepare ourselves when entering the workforce in the future.
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Hai Ning, Bsc. Accounting and Finance with Placement Experience, 2020.

Hi! My name is Hai Ning and I have graduated with a first class honours in BSc Accounting and Finance in 2020. Currently, I am working as a Senior Audit Associate for BDO PLT Johor Bahru. I have completed my compulsory one-year placement with BDO and returned as a full time staff after graduation.
My job includes a variety of tasks, from planning for an audit engagement, to audit work execution and completion. The most challenging part of working in audit industry would be juggling between work and personal life. Working as a public accountant is interesting, nonetheless. It gives me the opportunity to have an insight on how different companies or industries work differently.
What I found most beneficial to my career from the Henley-ICAEW Programme (HIP) was that ... you will graduate with a degree, as well as ICAEW CFAB qualification and BFP designation upon completion of ICAEW Ethic Learning Programme. The compulsory one-year work placement experience also helped me in preparing myself for the workforce.
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Mitra Viloshini, Bsc. Accounting and Finance with Placement Experience, 2020.

I am currently working as a Transfer Pricing Associate in the tax field with PricewaterhouseCoopers Kuala Lumpur. I’ve had a remarkable learning journey throughout the last 5 years of my tertiary education with UoRM.
I started off my journey in 2016 as a International Foundation Programme student where I gained the fundamentals of business and the skills required to progress through my degree. I enjoyed the teaching deliverables by the scholarly lecturers with a relatively low student to lecturer ratio which enabled thorough interaction within a class.
My key takeaway is the collaboration with ICAEW ... and my one-year placement with KPMG which fed me with valuable professional exposure to real clients, use of various technologies and ethics which are all very important for a graduate to be work-ready. The unique Henley-ICAEW programme was a perfect combination for me as I graduated with a degree, a certificate marking the start of my professional qualification as well as a BPF designation.
In respect of curriculum, I was also honoured to be elected as the Treasurer of RUMSA in 2018/19 and enjoyed working in groups, planning and executing year-round festive events. Being a STAR Mentor and Student Ambassador for many open days further enhanced my student life in which I also attained the Reading Experience and Development Award, the official UoR Employability Skills Certificate.
UoRM offers great opportunities for all students and I am eternally grateful for all of them and the people I have crossed path with in UoRM!
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Elizabeth Tang, BSc Accounting and Finance with Placement Experience, 2020.

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Tang and I graduated with a first class honours in BSc Accounting and Finance with Placement Experience in 2020. I am currently working as an Audit Associate at an accounting firm in Johor Bahru called Grant Thornton MSW. My job covers a wide range of tasks, including audit planning, risk assessment which affects the audit testing process, and finally producing the reports which provide reasonable assurance to stakeholders and users of the financial statements that they are true and fair. ...Despite the steep learning curve of the audit profession, the degree programme had equipped me with the skills necessary to strive in the workplace.
My university experience has been nothing short of exciting – academically, I was exposed to vital modules that are currently relevant to my work, such as Advanced Financial Reporting and Assurance, Governance Ethics. The exams and coursework, albeit challenging, had tested my knowledge and honed my researching skills. The university also provides great facilities such as the financial dealing room equipped with advanced trading simulations. The lecturers are also approachable and always keen to assist the students to excel and grow. My second year was spent at the UK campus where apart from spending hours at the library, I was actively involved in competitive sport (Ultimate Frisbee), worked part-time as a café waitress and even participated in a Malaysian Vocal competition held in London! The most beneficial part of the degree programme personally is the compulsory one-year work experience. Working in an audit team enhanced my teamwork and time management skills, while the tasks of corporation tax taught me to be more detail oriented through detailed analysis of clients’ expenses. Essentially, the one-year placement has built my confidence in applying theory to practical work and enabled me to network with many professionals, to which I remain in contact with till today.
In short, I would definitely encourage any high-achieving individual with an appetite for learning to take up this programme. The pathway may be extensive and challenging, but the rewards are incredible. The learning process builds perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability which helps keep one grounded in times of economic uncertainties and equips one with the essential skills to take up any challenge that may arise within the business.
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