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International Outreach Programme

Location : Taiwan

Date : 18th February 2019- 22nd February 2019

The International Outreach Programme- Taiwan focus on the construction development especially in automation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), digital twining and construction economics and the role of each stakeholders in promoting digital construction. Taiwan is known as a smart sustainable human-centric city, which is intended to enhance digital infrastructure, re-construct a service-based digital government, and realize a fair and active internet society with equal digital rights. In addition, innovative cross-boundary digital applications can be initialized with solid digital infrastructures, not only to further drive industry to adopt digital development, but also to promote the smart city concept and bridge the digital divide in rural areas.

What can be learned from this IOP is the digital nation framework and construction Industry Revolution 4.0. The IOP study tour consist of 9 visits to, university, developer firms, New Southbound Policy office, Criminal Investigation Bureau and cultural sites. These provide the students with an opportunity to collaborate with lecturers/researchers, and integrate new perspectives with informal environments to enhance learning initiatives. Among the IOP benefits, skill development is the most important. In order to meet IOP objectives, students need to apply skills, values and general knowledge in new settings. The objectives for IOP-Taiwan are as follow:


  1. to acquire first-hand knowledge on digital construction and building automation in Taiwan.
  2. to enhance industry collaboration with Taiwan practitioners.
  3. to improve UoRM and DiTIC visibility in New Southbound Policy coverage region.
  4. to explore 3D laser scanning ability in forensic discipline.

Key Visits

a) Tamkang University

Tamkang University enjoys widespread recognition as Taiwan's oldest private institution of higher learning and one of its most distinguished. It ranks 9th on comprehensive measures by Taiwan's Ministry of Education and in the top 50 universities in Asia. Tamkang University has 11 faculties comprising 47 departments, 50 master's programs, and 17 doctoral programs.

As a strategic research partner for University of Reading Malaysia, a research centre (DiTIC) was established to enhance engagement between Taiwan and Malaysia. As part of the collaboration, both universities are working together to build a hub for construction project management and digital technology that is committed to providing professional services in Southeast Asia.

The IOP tour will visit the Built Environment and Civil Engineering departments. A research sharing session and students’ knowledge transfer activities are expected to be conducted at Tamkang University main campus.

b) Industry Visit (Debao Group)

Debao Group is a Taiwan local multi construction disciplines company. The company consists of several divisions including real estate, project development (developer), construction, Civil and Structural consultancy, Mechanical and Electrical consultancy and digital innovation.

From the benefits of DiTIC establishment, UoRM sent 8 QS students to Taiwan Debao Group for their internship, practicing in project development and digital innovation divisions. The upcoming IOP tour is important to gain client’s feedback in UoRM students’ performance and at the same enhance the industry collaboration with Taiwan practitioners.

c) New Southbound Policy Office

The New Southbound Policy is the initiative of the Government of Taiwan to enhance cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and 18 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Australasia. 6 academic research centres established under New Southbound Policy as shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Research Centres

The main purpose to visit New Southbound Policy Office is to extend the Taiwan-Malaysia collaboration to other research centres in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Laos. Currently, the 6 research centres are communicating among each other, transferring experts to enhance respective research collaboration. This is important for UoRM to be visible in Southeast Asia region to build research led teaching reputation.

d) Criminal Investigation Bureau

The Criminal Investigation Bureau Taiwan is the agency of National Police Agency under Ministry of Interior. We are invited by the Chief Commander Ms Tracy Liu to visit forensic investigation department. The purpose of the visit is to explore the 3D laser scanning functions and importance in forensic investigation. We are expected to explore different workflow in using 3D laser scanner.

Tentative Programme









Cultural Visit





Visit Tamkang University

Cultural Visit





Industry Visit

Cultural Visit





Visit New Soutbound Policy Office

Visit Criminal Investigation Bureau




Memorial Hall Parade


Cultural visit :

- Tamsui old street

- National Palace Museum

- ShiLin Night Market

- YangMing Shan National Park

- Zhong Zheng Memorial Hall

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