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Academic Team

Dr. Lee Pei Ling | Lecturer in Finance

Lee Pei LingPrior to joining Henley Malaysia, Pei ling was a lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department of Multimedia University Malaysia. She has 16-year of teaching experience in the subjects of Corporate Financial Management, Financial Management, International Finance, Bank Management, Credit Management, Investment, Business Ethics, Strategy Management, and Principles of Finance. Her research interests are in the areas of corporate governance, behavioral finance, bank risk, and equity market related research. She has published journal articles in the Central Bank Review, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Economy Malaysia etc., and have more than 10 conference proceedings. She won the outstanding paper award for a paper titled “Going-Private Transactions and the sources of returns at the Applied Business International Conference held on November 6-8, 2008, at Labuan Malaysia.


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Speciality areas

Behavioral Finance, mergers and acquisitions, bank risk management, corporate governance

Highest qualification and awarding body

Ph.D. in Economics (UPM)

UoRM programmes taught/supervised

Financial Management
Management of risk
Ethics in investment
Professional ethics

Research interests

Digital Finance, credit risk, market risk, behavioral finance, environmental, social and governance
Current Projects Credit and market risk management
Recent Publications Lee, P. L., Lye, C.T. & Lee, C. (In press). Is bank risk appetite relevant to bank default in times of Covid-19? Central Bank Review. Available at:

Lee, P. L., Chin, L., Law, S. H., & Azman-Saini, W. N. W. (2019). Analysing the effect of portfolio concentration index and stock market correlation. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53(2), 165-176.

Lee, P. L., Chin, L., Law, S. H., & Azman-Saini, W. N. W. (2017). Do integrated economies grow faster? Evidence from domestic equity holdings. Economics Bulletin, 37(4), 2905-2916.

Lee, P.L., Khong, R.W.L. and Suganthi, R. (2013). Value creation in going private transactions. Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, 3(3), 274-295.

Lee, P. L., Khong, R. W. L., and Suganthi, R. (2010). Characteristics of firms going private in the Malaysian stock exchange. Economics Bulletin, 30(2), 1307-1319.

Lee, P. L., Khong, R. W. L., and Suganthi, R. (2010). A profile of companies going private in the Malaysian stock market. The IUP Journal of Applied Finance, 16(3), 44-58


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