Careers in Accounting and Finance

Students who graduate from Henley’s BSc Accounting and Finance or BSc Finance and Business Management have excellent career prospects. Some of the career options that are available are listed below.


You will manage the financial health of an organisation, including profit, loss and cash flow, and prepare financial reports. After you graduate, you will need to pass the examinations and meet the work experience requirements of a recognised professional body such as ICAEW, ACCA or CIMA to qualify as a chartered accountant.

Financial Analyst

You will leverage your analytical skills to build financial models to assist with decision-making across a wide range of scenarios such as business simulation, feasibility study, investment, restructuring, merger and acquisition.

Financial Planner

You will advise clients, either companies or individuals, on how best to manage their finances. You will have developed an in-depth knowledge of different financial products and will use your interpersonal skills to nurture strong client relationships.

Business Analyst

You will use your financial and business acumen to help organisations develop, test and deliver new business strategies and initiatives, for example, in customer experience, digital services, operational efficiency and business development.

Financial Trader

You will buy and sell financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives and currencies, anticipating and reacting quickly to market movements to maximise your financial gains. You will most likely be employed by an investment bank or asset management firm.

Investment Manager

You will advise clients, typically organisations with sizeable investment assets, endowments or trusts, on their investment portfolio taking into account their financial goals and risk appetite.

Fund Manager

You will manage a fund which is pooled from institutional and individual investors. Your role is to oversee the investment strategy of the fund and make decisions based on in-depth research and analysis in order to maximise returns.


You will ensure the accounts and financial records of an organisation are accurate and reflect its true financial standing. As an external auditor, you will most likely work for a professional services firm and travel to client sites. Auditors are also normally qualified as chartered accountants.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisor

You will advise corporate clients on how to create value through merger or acquisition and, where required, facilitate the process on their behalf. You will most likely be employed by an investment bank, professional services firm or law firm.

Credit Analyst

You will assess the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses that apply for loans, examining their ability to repay.

Tax Analyst

You will prepare and submit tax returns and, with your in-depth knowledge of tax laws, advise clients on the most tax-efficient ways of running their business.

Management Consultant

You will use your financial and business acumen to advise clients on a range of business and management projects. You might specialise in a particular industry sector or type of project, and will travel frequently to meet clients.

Other careers paths include insurance underwriter, compliance officer, …. and more!


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