Lee Ken Chern (Finance and Business Management, 2018)

Hello. My name is Lee Ken Chern and I graduated with a degree in Finance and Business Management in 2018.

I’m currently working as a Consulting Associate, Knowledge-as-a-Service team (KaaS) in Frost and Sullivan whose office in Johor is at the proximity of Medini Iskandar. Frost and Sullivan is a “Growth Pipeline Company” which helps to identify, prioritize and execute new business growth opportunities for the past 60 years. The most interesting aspect of my job is getting to be involved in researches and studies related to different industries and it is indeed an eye-opener. Another reason that thrusted me to move forward is my influence as an information input and a factor throughout their business decision-making process. For instance, I am currently working on a database to generate insights about trends in patents from a timing, geographical and technological perspective.

What I found most beneficial to my career from the programme at UoRM was the ways to construct an idea and put it into fruition. Throughout our course, my course mates and I were pushed to our limits in figuring how to present our ideas in a significant and meaningful way.

My advice to current and prospective students would be that your university experience will decide who you would be for the decades to come. Get into more competitions and activities, hang around with like-minded individuals and be exposed to varieties of perspectives. Make full use of your university life to prepare yourself into the person you aspired to be. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


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