Master of Pharmacy 2+2(N/727/6/0079)

Preparing you for the healthcare challenges facing our society.

The University of Reading Malaysia is a centre of excellence in pharmacy education and research. Our innovative, exciting and fully integrated programme prepares first-class pharmacy graduates ready for the healthcare challenges facing society.

Pharmacy is a diverse profession whose members help others in a variety of ways. Staff in the Reading School of Pharmacy Malaysia have a friendly and enthusiastic style, and will teach you the knowledge and communication skills that are essential to succeed as a pharmacist. Our four-year degree programme incorporates clinical training and scientific understanding, enabling you to develop an in-depth knowledge of key therapeutic areas.

Choose to study the MPharm 2+2 degree at UoRM and you can have the opportunity to study for two years at our Malaysia campus and two years at our campus in Reading in the UK. You will also have the opportunity to seek a pre-registration training post in the UK (subject to visa approval) before you sit your Pre-Registration Assessment and can register with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

During your first year, you will study scientific theory as well as taking part in pharmacy training programmes in hospital and community settings where you can apply your knowledge in real-life situations.

As you progress, you will learn more about the understanding and management of human diseases and undertake longer placements. This will be followed by a dissertation and your extended fourth-year research project which allows you to cover your chosen subject of interest in-depth, under the supervision of highly qualified researchers working at the Reading School of Pharmacy Malaysia.

Core subject areas include:

  • Human physiology
  • Cell physiology
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacology and toxicology
  • Pharmacy practice
  • Medical microbiology
  • Statistics and epidemiology
  • Management and business

Programme Outline

Our Pharmacy programmes provide students with integrated learning ensuring that fundamental science is linked to clinical practice. Our modules expertly interweave learning in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and pharmacy practice, giving you a highly valued interconnected understanding of these disciplines.

By graduation you will have received a broad education in pharmaceutical discovery, development and application, putting you at a significant advantage as your career progresses.

Our programmes produce graduates trained to the high level of professionalism needed for a career in pharmacy. In addition, our students develop essential graduate attributes, such as team-working and problem solving, which are highly valued by today’s employers.

We teach pharmacy in environments that mimic real-life, dispensing real medicines and using dispensing simulation software for labelling and record keeping. We introduce and develop practical and clinical pharmacy skills from the first year through to graduation, with a particular focus on effective consultations and optimising the use of medicines. We ensure our students are equipped with the skills to be useful members of the team on their work-based placements, enabling them to gain more from these invaluable experiences.

Throughout our programme, students gain in-depth understanding of issues at the forefront of pharmacy development, culminating in a wide range of innovative final-year research projects supervised by our leading academics.

Our pharmacy programme provides the perfect preparation for a career in this vital specialism.

In the first year, you will be introduced to pharmacy and clinical environments through supervised structured visits to community and hospital pharmacies. In the second year, you will undertake further supervised structured hospital visits alongside a supervised day placement in community pharmacy. In the third year, the structured hospital visits take place and develop further. You will complete a one-week placement in the pharmacy sector of your choice. You will learn alongside healthcare professionals so you are prepared for the multidisciplinary environment of the healthcare sector guided by the experience of our practising pharmacists and other healthcare experts. Our annual careers fair and recruitment website provides access to a wide variety of pharmacy employers, helping you to obtain summer and post-graduation training placements.

Our programme is taught by committed and enthusiastic staff, including active healthcare professionals and internationally recognised researchers in a broad range of fields.

We use a wide variety of teaching methods, including lectures, practicals, problem-based and inter-professional learning, and individual and team research projects, to ensure you receive a complete education in pharmaceutical discovery, development and practice.

Our teaching is informed by the fundamental and applied research undertaken by our academic staff in thematic areas including:

  1. new targets in neurodegenerative disorders
  2. molecules to treat brain diseases and cancer
  3. Regenerative medicine, anti-epileptics and diagnostics
  4. cutting-edge materials for therapeutic applications, and
  5. safer medicines, better practitioners.

In addition, our new innovative Professional and Academic Development Portfolio on clinical and transferrable skills develops our students’ independent study skills – essential for success in a career where lifelong learning is vital.

Our teaching facilities are second to none, providing you with all you need to excel in your studies and chosen profession. They include laboratories equipped with plasma screens to facilitate demonstrations, a well-equipped tableting suite, and a fully equipped Clinical Skills Unit, which has individual computers, label printing and video facilities. Our students are also supported by our online learning environment that provides access to videos, digital lecture notes with audio podcasts, and pencasts.

There is an opportunity for all students studying undergraduate pharmacy programmes to spend up to two years on either the Malaysia or UK campuses.

Year 1
In Year one, students are introduced to the fundamental science and practice of pharmacy, supporting your transition to university and development of essential independent and reflective learning skills.

Three core modules develop your knowledge in the fundamentals of life sciences and how these are linked with human physiology and take you on a journey from the source of drugs through to the development of a medicine, arriving at the safe provision of medicines and effective patient care. Structured community and hospital pharmacy visits put your learning into context at an early stage, beginning your preparation to become a pharmacist, and enabling you to understand the role of pharmacists within the healthcare professions and society as a whole.

Year 2
In the second year, you will build upon the core scientific knowledge that you have gained in year one and learn to apply it to ensure that medicines are used effectively as part of holistic patient care.

You will learn how drug compounds are developed into a medicine, how they are formulated to reach the required site of action and how they work in the body. The focus is on the therapeutic areas of renal, respiratory and cardiovascular medicine, the gastrointestinal tract and preventing and controlling infections. Hospital visits and an independent community pharmacy placement help to apply the knowledge and skills that you are developing, to patient care in a pharmacy environment.

Year 3
In year three you will fully integrate science knowledge and skills with practice, focusing on a series of therapeutic areas, including: the immune system and infections; conditions affecting the ears, eyes, nose and skin; men’s and women’s health; the peripheral and central nervous systems; the endocrine system; the musculoskeletal system and an introduction to cancer.

You will gain further experience of patient environment through structured hospital visits and you will complete a placement in either a community or hospital pharmacy.

Assessments are designed to ensure that you are able to work as a safe and effective practitioner, as you move into your final year and look ahead to your post-graduation workplace-based training.

Year 4
In your final year you will follow two modules. The first ensures that you have the research and enquiry skills required by pharmacists and includes the completion of a Master’s-level research project. The second builds on scientific, therapeutic and professional topics covered in earlier in the programme to prepare you as you look towards entering the workplace.

You will utilise and apply the knowledge and skills that you have learnt thus far to the safe and effective care of patients with multiple disease states and complex needs. You will further develop your ability to promote health in individuals, through the provision of health checks and tailored lifestyle to advice to patients in a supervised environment.

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Executive
  • Quality Assurance
  • Postgraduate
  • Academia
  • Military
  • Governmental Positions

STPM/A-Levels: BBB including minimum Grade B in Chemistry and one other science subject (Biology, Maths, Physics or Psychology)

UEC: Minimum 10 points including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English and one other subject; excluding Chinese Language

International Baccalaureate: 32-34 points overall including 6 in Chemistry and 5 in one other science subject, both at higher level

Pre-requisites (for Malaysians only):
SPM/IGCSE: Minimum 5Bs, to be composed of: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, plus: Maths and Additional Maths; or Maths or Additional Maths, plus one other subject
Also: English 1119 minimum 4B and SPM Bahasa Melayu minimum B

4 years: 2 years in Malaysia, 2 years in the UK

RM 47,900 per annum

International Students:
RM 57,500 per annum

MPharm students will pay UK international fees, with a discount, for their 2 years in the UK. For more information on tuition fees in the UK, please visit

Course Testimonies

BPharm (Hons) / MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy Testimony by Ashik Karania

Ashik Karania|MPharm 2013

The opportunity to study abroad is so exciting. Both Malaysia and the UK have so much to offer. Having the opportunity to explore whilst studying is a great incentive. As the saying goes, ‘the world is your oyster’.”

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