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Kai An Sim | Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics

Kai An SimKai An Sim joined the University of Reading Malaysia in 2018 as a Foundation Lecturer in Mathematics.

She received her Bachelor of Science Education (Hons) in Mathematics (2009) and a Master’s degree in Science (Pure Mathematics), (2014) from the University of Malaya. She taught in government secondary schools for more than five years prior to joining UoRM.


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Speciality areas

Pure Mathematics

Highest qualification and awarding body

Master of Science (Pure Mathematics), University of Malaya

UoRM programmes taught/supervised


Research interests

Graph theory

Current projects


Recent publications

K. A. Sim, T. S. Tan & K. B. Wong (2018). On the burning number of generalized Petersen graphs. Bull. Malays. Math. Sci. Soc., 41(3), 1657-1670. (ISI-Indexed)

K. A. Sim, T. S. Tan & K. B. Wong (2017). Lazy cops and robbers on some generalized hypercubes. Discrete Math. 340(7), 1693-1704. (ISI-Indexed)

K. A. Sim, T. S. Tan & K. B. Wong (2016). On the shortest path in k-connected graphs. AIP Conference Proceedings 1750 (050010).

G. L. Chia, & K. A. Sim (2013). On the skewness of the join of graphs. Discrete Applied Math., 161, 2405-2409. (ISI-Indexed)


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