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Dr Sini George | Lecturer in Pharmacy (Medicinal Chemistry)

Sini George Dr Sini George completed her PhD at National University of Singapore. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. She worked as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, before moving to University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM), where she is currently a Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy. She is also the Senior Tutor at UoRM.

Dr George’s current research focus on developing functional biomaterials and nanobiomaterials for drug delivery and biomedical applications. She is also interested in bioanalysis, toxicology and nanotoxicology. In addition to these, she is interested in developing pedagogic tools in chemical education.


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Speciality areas

Analytical, organic, physical, material, inorganic, pharmaceutical and biological chemistry

Highest qualification and awarding body

PhD, National University of Singapore

UoRM programmes taught/supervised

MPharm 2+2

Research interests

  • Functional biomaterials
  • Nanobiomaterials
  • Bioanalysis and biosensors
  • Toxicology and nanotoxicology
  • Chemical education

Current projects

  • Novel anti-cancer drug delivery carrier

Recent publications

  • George, S., Lee, H. K. (2010): 'Simultaneous electrochemical detection of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic amines in environmental samples using single-walled carbon nanotube-gold nanoparticle composite.' Analytical Methods. 2: 326-334
  • George, S., Lee, H. K. (2009): 'Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin in nafion/carbon nanochip film on glassy carbon electrode.' Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 113:15445-15454

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